The unvarnished truth about Unvarnished, part I

A new online reputation site aims to tell the world the real 'unvarnished' truth about you to employers. Should you be worried?


Contrary to popular opinion, Peter Kazanjy is not trying to make the Internet a safer place for slander.

But given the hostile reception he's received from my blogging brothers and sisters for his new startup, Unvarnished, you'd think he was taking kittens and seeing "if they blend."

Unvarnished is a crowd-driven reputation site like Yelp, but with a key difference. Instead of reviewing restaurants or dentists, people are reviewing you. More specifically, they're reviewing your performance as an employee, manager, or independent contractor (and you, of course, can do the same to them).

Unvarnished home page 

The site's goal is to get an "unvarnished" opinion of you or your colleagues, instead of the falsely glowing recommendations you find on other sites -- what CNET's Molly Wood brilliantly calls a "LinkedIn tongue bath." So all reviews are posted anonymously to encourage candor. And once a review of you is up, you can't take it down, no matter how negative it is.

That drives some people nuts.

TechCrunch's Evelyn Rusli calls Unvarnished "a clean well-lighted place for defamation." Internet Evolution's Nicole Ferraro calls it a "dangerous tool" and "just what the Internet didn't need."  Lawyers have termed it a "litigation nightmare," while The Inquistr inquires whether Unvarnished is merely "a bad networking idea" or "the worst networking idea ever." And those are some of the nicer responses. 

Could Unvarnished possibly be that evil? I decided to find out. But finding out isn't as easy as it might appear, because Unvarnished is in a closed beta. Visit its Web site,, and all you can do is sign up for a waiting list. To actually use Unvarnished, you have to be asked by someone who's already using it to "review" them. The site suggests you ask around and try to find someone who'll invite you. Not very helpful.

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