Your technology skills have a two year half-life and 6 ways to stay current


  1. If it exists, become involved in the vendor’s official user group. This can give you special access to the vendor’s employees and help you build a network of other techies using the vendor’s technology.
  2. If your company has no immediate plan to upgrade the vendor’s newest software version, ask your manager if you can load the software upgrade into a test region so you can begin to learn about it for future reference.
  3. Many software vendors now have cloud-based versions of their software. That said, as a client, they may be willing to give you a free test area within their cloud environment to evaluate and learn their latest software version.
  4. Read all you can about the vendor in general and release notes and industry commentary on the software package. This will help keep you current on your vendor’s plans and technology challenges.
  5. Read about technologies that are complementary and/or integrated with your vendor’s software. For example, if you work on Oracle’s financial software product, stay knowledgeable on software, like report writers, that can be used to enhance its usability. Additionally, if you are writing database stored procedures, keep up to date on Oracle’s PL/SQL.
  6. Read and stay knowledgeable about your vendor’s major competitors. For example, once again, if you work on the Oracle’s financial software package, read about what SAP is doing on their product. This will give you a wider understanding of your application specialty and potentially give you insights into innovative ways to customize your vendor’s software within your company.

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