Job-hunt short list: The hottest IT jobs in the cities where they're growing fastest

List of growing IT skills and where they're growing; all you need is a resume and a suit


Jobless recovery has been the reality in the U.S. economy for more than a year according to Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers that show minimal or nonexistent growth from month to month.

BLS figures show the U.S. added 80,000 jobs in October and 103,000 in September.

That number of new jobs isn't high enough in either month to equal the 130,000 new jobs needed to to stay even with the pace of population growth, according to Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, Inc.

It also doesn't take into account changes in job availability within specific market areas or specific job categories, which are the key for anyone looking for a job or any hiring manager trying to fill one, Janulaitis said.

The U.S. lost a net total of almost 5,000 jobs in IT durring October and September, according to Janco's own data:

IT job losses in U.S., Sept. Oct.
Telecommunications 900
Computer systems and design 2,300
Data processing and hosting 500
Other IT jobs 1,400
Net loss 4,800

Source:Janco Associates

That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of demand out there, if you know where to look and you know what skills those hiring managers want.

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