4 ways to combine web-based and face-to-face-based job hunting for great results


I have my resume on all the job board sites, I’m continually looking online for open positions, and am emailing them my resume. I also participate actively on a couple of job search blog sites. I have been looking for a job for over six months and have only had three responses and one interview. What am I doing wrong?

The better question to ask may be “What am I not doing?” Certainly the online job boards are a great place to look for a job. In fact, I previously worked at one. That said, don’t underestimate the incredible value of looking for a job the old fashion way, face-to-face.

By face-to-face job hunting I mean all non-web based activities such as

  • Participating in professional organizations
  • Participating in job hunting groups
  • Cold calling companies where you would really like to work to see if any openings are available
  • Calling people you know who are working at companies where you would really like to work to see if any openings are available
  • . . . and other similar person-to-person related activities

Let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of looking for a job via the web and then the advantages of looking for a job face-to-face. As you will see, they both have value, but because they have different advantages, the best way for you to find a job is to do both.

Top two advantages of online job search

  • It’s very efficient in regard to finding companies with job openings
  • It’s easy to apply via online forms and/or email

Top two disadvantages of online job search

  • Statistically, there is a very low chance of you getting an interview
  • You don’t know if there is actually a potential job to be filled

Top two advantages of face-to-face job search

  • Having made a personal connection to the Human Resources group or hiring manager, you have a much higher chance of getting the job
  • If you made a good impression, but didn’t get the job, you have at worst expanded your professional network and at best, will be called at a later time when another job opens

Top two disadvantages of online job search

  • It’s more work and more time consuming.
  • It’s a numbers game, you end up talking to many people that can’t help you find a job in the effort of finding a few people that can help

My suggestion to you is to combine online and face-to-face job search activities to maximize your effectiveness. It will give you the advantages of both. That said, consider the following:

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