5 Reasons teaching technology to others is good for you


The reason that it helps you to position yourself as a thought leader within the company is:
• You become known internally as a person who deeply understands a specific topic and as a result, has the answers to important questions.
• You become viewed as a person who is willing to share his/her knowledge.

The reason it helps you define a very positive professional brand is:
• From #1, teaching/helping/mentoring others help you create internal company contacts that you can call to ask a favor as the need arises. This ability allows you to get things done internally that others within the company, without your contacts, may not be able to move forward. Therefore, you gain the reputation as a person who knows how to get things done within the company.
• From #2, you are deepening your knowledge in your area of expertise. The more you learn the better position you are in to share your expanded knowledge and build your personal brand as an internal expert.
• From #3, being viewed as an internal thought leader, that is to say, not only knowledgeable, but willing to share it and help/teach others is a great reputation to have. This combination can make you the “go to person” inside the company on a specific technology. Then, as the “go to person”, the more people that come to you for help, the more your reputation and personal brand will grow.

The reason it helps maximize your value to the company is:
• You are helping others within the company get their work done.
• You are helping grow the overall technical knowledge within the company.
• Because of your internal contacts you have the ability to get things done that others within the company cannot seem to complete.

In closing, teaching, helping, and mentoring others in the company is great for you personally, for those you help, and your company in general. That said, next time someone in your company asks for your assistance, please do so and in the long run, the person you may be helping most is yourself.

Taking these classes will not only provide you with insights that will help you professionally, it will also enhance your resume and help you get that next interview.

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Until next time, work hard, work smart, and continue to grow.

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