Can computer software read your resume? If not, you don't exist!


• Only use your cell phone, not your home phone. This ensures at least one number gets parsed correctly. Plus, your kids won't pick it up at home and forget to take a message.
• Replace "career objectives" (the reader already assume your objective is to get "their" job) with "career highlights" at the top of your resume. This should contain the top 3-5 "achievements" that explains why the prospect, "would be a fool not to consider you."
• Create a “master resume” with all of your experiences and accomplishments. Then, customize this master resume on a job-by-job basis by removing items that are least relevant to the specific job being pursued.
• Include industry keywords throughout your resume because recruiters use these words when doing query-based resume searches and this helps your resume pop to the top of the list (resume SEO).

The webinar had a lot of valuable tips that I had never considered--but make a huge difference, but the thing that caught my attention was the comprehensive rules of resume parsing.

Does this stuff work? One attendee only had one interview in 8 weeks, but after re-engineering her resume so it would parse, she was suddenly "seen" and had seven interviews the following week.

With our current economy and fewer jobs available, it is critical that you learn all the tricks of the trade--and your chances of success are much higher if your resume is seen. Most folks have never heard of resume parsing, I hadn't--yet they are critical. If you learn the rules then your resume is seen, if not--it goes into a black hole and you virtually don't exist.

The free webinar I attended was from IQ Tech Pros and it can be found at You'll also get a detailed list of the resume rules, supporting articles and a recommended template.

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Until next time, work hard, work smart, and continue to grow.

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