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My goal here is not to tell you specifically where to volunteer your time or donate your money. Rather, my goal is simply to suggest that you follow Boston SIM’s example, as a technical professional, a member of a technical association, or just as a concerned citizen, and volunteer your time and/or money to an organization that you feel is worthwhile.

When trying to select how and where to donate your time and money, consider asking yourself questions such as:

• What type of non-profit/charitable organization resonates with me personally?
• What age and type of people would I like to help?
• What skills, expertise, and experience can I provide to others?
• Am I interested in mentoring individuals, working on events, or providing a needed service?
• How can I get the professional association I belong to become involved in volunteerism?
• What can I do to help the world?

I would like to end by saying I applaud Boston SIM for their emphasis on giving to the community and ask you to do the same. Upon doing so, not only will it be of great value to those you helped, but it will also give your professional association meaning beyond its technical vocation, and maybe even help you experience the incredible feeling of giving to others.

Boston SIM can be found at

If you have any questions about your career in IT, please email me at
or find me on Twitter at @EricPBloom.

Until next time, work hard, work smart, and continue to grow.

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