Maximize your productivity and build your professional brand by tool building


For you personally, there are a number of benefits.
1. The creation of these tools can increase your personal performance by allowing you to work more efficiently and not recreating the wheel every time you have to perform a commonly needed task.
2. Using standardized processes and tools allows for higher consistency and quality.
3. Sharing your toolset with members of your team puts you in a position of leadership within the team because your fellow employees must come to you for instruction on how the tools are used and to request enhancements in their functionality.
4. Defining, designing, purchasing, and/or building your group’s toolset puts you in a position of thought leadership within your department.
5. With your company’s and boss’s permission, you may have the opportunity to describe your toolkit to others by speaking at professional conferences and/or get published in technology-related magazines, thus widening your professional brand and reputation as a thought leader well beyond your company’s walls.
6. From a personal branding perspective, gaining a reputation as a tool builder, problem solver, and thought leader can help you move ahead professionally more quickly.

As a software developer earlier in my career, I personally liked to build small pieces of software that helped me write code more efficiently. I was always happy to give these tools to others when asked, but didn’t understand, at the time, the professional advantages to be gained by sharing these personally developed routines. My goal for you here is to understand what I did not. That is to say, certainly be a team player and be willing to help your coworkers, but having done so, learn how to maximize the professional advantage of having done so.

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Until next time, work hard, work smart, and continue to grow.

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