Cloud, mobile and BI skills to lead technology hiring in 2013

Enterprises also have software development positions to fill but want multifaceted programmers

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"If you truly go with a cloud-based approach you decrease your need for meat-and-potato skills sets," he said. "Newer technologies come with a self-service approach when it comes to user support. The shift is moving toward innovation and away from how to keep the lights on."

Hiring professionals mentioned software development as another in-demand profession for 2013, but cautioned against being a one-dimensional developer. Failing to collaborate and an inability to think with a business mindset won't win over hiring managers.

"If your only skill is to develop code and you don't have the ability to work in a team environment there's a great risk that your skill set can be outsourced," said Berridge. "They have to think as business people. There's a commodity approach to how some organizations treat software development."

Developers with Java and .Net backgrounds will be especially sought after, according to's survey, which ranked finding staff who know those languages as enterprises' first and third staffing priorities, respectively. Overall software development came in fifth.

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