10 Steps to becoming an Internal IT Consultant


I’m tired of feeling like an order taker for the business group I support. How do I get them to ask me what’s needed, not just tell me what to do and what reports to build?

The short answer to your question is to begin moving toward being an internal consultant, rather than simply a technical resource. The long answer to your question is the remainder of this blog.

My advice to you is to be proactive with your business users, not just reactive. That is to say, slowly move toward suggesting innovative business solutions related to the technology you provide. Then, over time, as your business users begin to appreciate the value of your suggestions, they will begin to come to you as a problem solver, not as just a solution provider.

Moving to a proactive role and being seen as such, by its nature, is not an easy task. To make this transformation, consider the following steps:

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