Getting a Cisco Certification or a College Degree


Your new professional employment and the increased income it provides should allow you to increase your life style and help fund your part-time night classes toward your B.S. degree. Also, with a little luck and/or good planning, the company you work for may provide tuition reimbursement and an employee benefit, thus, helping you fund your college classes.

I went to school nights for my Master’s Degree. At least for me, night school wasn’t much fun. There were many times at the end of a long workday when the last thing in the world I felt like doing was going to a night class, but I did and, for me, it was well worth it.

My hope is that if you take this second alternative, by choice or necessity, that you stick it out at night and finish your degree. Getting a B.S. degree at night generally takes more than twice as long as it does full time, but it is doable. It also feels twice as hard, because you generally have other personal and professional commitments, but once you have it, like the full time version, it’s yours forever.

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