Black and white thinking can hurt your career


My advice to you, as a tester of accounting systems, is related to the moral of this story. If the recruiter in my story was able to conceptualize herself in the workplace with a wider brush and be willing to step outside her comfort zone to do something related, but different to her view of herself, she may have found employment much more quickly.

As a tester of accounting systems you have both testing expertise and subject matter knowledge. Consider using this skill and knowledge to pivot yourself into a similar, but different professional role. For example, the ability to create test plans, write test cases, and properly execute those tests is a very significant and important skill set in the development and deployment of all types of software, including mobile-based applications. On the accounting system side, a deep understanding of accounting systems positions you for other technical roles related to accounting and business-type applications. For example, consider a:
• Business Analyst type role in the accounting systems area
• Testing role in systems related to accounting/business, such as portfolio accounting, inventory control, medical records, and other transactional type systems
• Testing role in any business systems area such as budgeting, human resources, or business intelligence, using your accounting systems background as a credential

Look objectively at your technical expertise, personal strengths, and subject matter expertise with a wider brush and it may help you paint a more successful professional future.

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