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As for specific career advice related to our discussion, Bryan suggested the following:
• Focus on delivering a quality experience to your users, not just on the technical aspects of your assignments.
• Think like an entrepreneur as to how your company’s data and system infrastructure can be used to enhance the customer experience and your company’s business goals in general.
• Be innovative in your thinking as to what is possible.
• Understand the importance of “Transaction Identity” as you create API based solutions. It is this identity that will enhance the value of the applications you develop, providing a ready-to-use repository of transaction statistics that can be used as the basis for business analytics.
• Understand that the users you serve are your business partners.
• Be a digital strategist by continually thinking of ways your company’s data and systems can be used to business competitive advantage.

Bryan Kirschner and Apigee Institute, a research and strategy organization at Apigee dedicated to helping Global 2000 companies extend their leadership in today's app economy, can be found at

Apigee, a company specializing in providing a digital business platform that helps businesses become leaders in the mobile -first digital world through big data analytics integrated with app and API digital infrastructure, can be found at

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