15 Great Skype Interview Tips (Part 2)


In last week’s column we discussed four technology related tips and four ways to properly prepare you and your surrounding for Skype based call. This week we will provide additional tips related to screen logistics, interview delivery, and post call activities.

Screen logistics: The way you organize your screen prior to beginning your call can greatly affect the success of your interview. This may seem counterintuitive since interviewer cannot see your screen, but having things well placed and organized can make you look more attentive and provide you immediate access to important information.

1. Close all unneeded applications: This may seem like a trivial item, but it provides three important benefits. First, if you have a slower or older computer, it frees up more memory and internet band width, particularly if you are running programs that are memory intensive or continually do live streaming to your desktop. Second, it makes it a little easier to navigate to the window you need during the interview. Remember, seconds count, you are on video and every time you look down at your screen the interviewer will know it. Third, it prevents videos and other distracting items from accidently starting on their own or if you press the wrong button.
2. Place the person’s picture directly below you camera: The reason for this suggestion is because it’s natural to look at someone when they are speaking. In this case, the interviewer in the Skype window. If your webcam is on the top right corner of your screen and the interviewer’s image is on the bottom left corner of the screen, from the interview’s perspective you will be looking down and to the left for the entire interview. Placing the interviewer’s picture directly below your webcam (as close as possible) will give the interviewer the feeling that you are looking directly at them.
3. Have strategic documents and windows open on the screen: The specific items I suggest you have open on your desktop during interview are your resume, personal notes you have written in preparation for the interview, list of key topics/information your want to say during the interview, the company’s website open to their About Us page, and a browser with your favorite search engine open. This may seem like a little bit much, and you may not need any of it, but if the interviewer asks you to talk him/her through your resume you will be glad you had it loaded. Alternatively, if the interviewer asks you what you know about the company, having their About Us page open on your desktop could be of great value.

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