6 Ways Great Personal Client Service Can Help Your Career


As the worlds of IT and business continue to converge, the more important it becomes to provide quality client service.

By its nature, high personal quality service brings with it, high job performance ratings. This may seem like an obvious advantage, and it is, but the best way to look at your performance rating is as the means to an end, rather than as an end in itself. Certainly it feels good to be told you are doing great work, but don’t underestimate the professional rewards that accompany strong performance reviews.

Financial rewards:
These rewards include higher annual pay raises and potential bonuses and other monitory items. Regarding pay raises, the difference between a 2% raise and 3% raise in actual dollars may seem small, but over the course of a few years, these seemingly small percentage raises can dramatically increase your pay. Remember, each year’s raise is based on the previous year’s salary. In the long run, compounding at 2% is very different than compounding at 3%.

Opportunity to work on best projects:
Logic dictates that if people like the work you provide, they will want you to work on more of their projects. This demand for your time and attention, within certain bounds, will allow you to pick the projects you wish to work on.

The opportunity to select your project has many huge potential advantages including the following:
• Picking projects that are most likely to forward your career because of their visibility, potential for success, alignment with your professional strengths, and/or other related factors
• Picking projects that require the least or most travel, based on your personal preference and current life style
• Picking projects with people you enjoy working with
• Conversely, keeping away from projects you have no interest in for any number of reasons

Given the benefit of the doubt:
This benefit falls under the category that no one is perfect. The advantage of being given the benefit of the doubt is that when mistakes happen you will be less harshly judged than others because of your track record of success. The one caution when using/relying on this benefit of great work is that you can’t use it too often.

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