8 ways to provide great IT client service


Keep your promises:
If you make a promise to an internal client that you will perform a task, make sure to do it. Following through on promises is good behavior, good business and good client service. This may sound like a simple concept and it is. That said, if you fail to follow through on a promise to an internal client it can immediately and permanently reduce your credibility with that client.

Be available:
Being reachable by your internal clients is very important to their satisfaction. This means you should be returning phone calls, returning emails, calling them proactively if you hear about a problem, and generally being available to assist them either personally or via a staff member if the need arises. A quickly returned phone call or a visit in person to a client having an issue with your department's service can go a long way toward correcting an issue with an unhappy client.

Be courteous:
As the expression goes, “Chivalry is not dead.” The use of standard words, like “please” and “thank you”, may feel unnecessary, but at the end of the day, people are people. Courteous actions are a show of respect, humbleness and appreciation. These attributes can go a long way when trying to maximize client satisfaction.

Provide proper follow up:
A quick call to a client after the service has been provided is a great way to assure the work met the client’s expectations. If you did, you’ll get extra credit for checking in with them. If you didn’t meet his/her expectations, it gives you a second chance to meet his/her needs.

Properly record your activities:
Properly recording your activities allows your work to be recognized, measured, and reported to your manager, clients and others. This information, in turn, becomes a chronicle of your great work, which can be of significant value at employee performance review time.

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