• Your new IT job: Twittering in the cloud?

    Posted December 20, 2010 - 2:10 pm

    The IT job of tomorrow will likely focus on social networking, cloud computing and strategic use of smartphones and tablets.
  • IT hiring may be back on track, but Santa is out of luck

    Posted December 20, 2010 - 11:46 am

    Surveys predict IT hiring will be far higher than other job specialties in 2011, though some employment questions remain. Why can good Santas not find a job?
  • Career advice: Running projects across time zones

    Posted December 13, 2010 - 3:12 pm

    One of our Premier 100 IT Leaders on the future of IT, steering a co-worker away from talk about politics and more.
  • Surveys disagree on numbers, but still see IT hiring as slow, steady

    Posted December 9, 2010 - 5:05 pm

    IT departments may finally have seen the last of job and salary cuts and be back on a growth track, according to new surveys of IT hiring and spending plans.
  • Why IT jobs are never coming back

    Posted December 9, 2010 - 3:04 pm

    U.S. IT job loss may level off in coming years, but the likelihood that corporate IT will ever contribute to job creation again is minimal, according to a recent study by the Hackett Group. talked to Hackett's lead researchers about what's driving IT jobs offshore, what roles will remain stateside, and why some American IT professionals may have to send their resumes to China.
  • Career Watch: IT security loses some of its cachet

    Posted December 6, 2010 - 6:10 pm

    Ask a Premier 100 IT Leader: Jinx Walton
  • For IT, it's all about processeses

    Posted December 6, 2010 - 12:56 pm

    IT leaders are expected to anticipate the business's needs, but recent events suggest we often don't know what is actually going on.
  • Offshoring blamed in part for IT's jobless recovery

    Posted December 6, 2010 - 9:33 am

    Data center workers were a big part of the unexpectedly weak U.S. labor report released Friday as TechServe Alliance said only 600 new IT jobs were created in November.
  • Schmidt's 2001 move to Google: The single greatest career jump in history

    Posted December 6, 2010 - 9:32 am

    Chances are no one has heard Eric Schmidt muttering under his breath, "Dang, I could have worked at Attachmate."
  • How to improve your professional network in 12 days (before Christmas)

    Posted December 2, 2010 - 3:48 pm

    Here are 12 steps to tap into the hidden job market during this holiday season and build a life-long career network.
  • Video games can help hire, train new employees

    Posted November 23, 2010 - 7:09 pm

    Your high score may be more relevant than your resume
  • Seagate to pay $1.9M in damages to employee hired for phantom job

    Posted November 23, 2010 - 7:02 pm

    An engineer hired for a job that never materialized was awarded $1.9 million by a Minnesota jury after his employer, Seagate, uprooted him from a job in Dallas and then laid him off nine months later.
  • How to add depth to your IT team's bench

    Posted November 22, 2010 - 6:10 pm

    The potential for losing tech talent is on the rise these days. Thanks to an uptick in IT hiring and an increase in retirements among baby boomers, your A-team employee lineup may be in danger.
  • What it takes to boost low morale

    Posted November 22, 2010 - 3:16 pm

    The morale of our people is just terrible," the CTO of a government agency recently confided in me. "What can I do about it?" he asked.
  • Why U.S. IT jobs aren't coming back

    Posted November 18, 2010 - 6:21 pm

    As the economy recovers, the jobs are going to India and other cheap-labor nations
  • Who will train the next enterprise architects?

    Posted November 18, 2010 - 3:18 pm

    Bringing the next generation of enterprise architects up to speed won't be an easy task. While most experts agree that the job is a critical one, given the corporate emphasis building business infrastructure in the most technically efficient way, training these future experts has proven difficult.
  • Why do ERP techs get paid better than anyone else in IT?

    Posted November 17, 2010 - 6:33 pm

    ERP specialists are getting the best salaries of any other geek group, when broken out by technical specialty rather than seniority or geography. Is it the potential for failure? The complexity? The jackets and pocket squares?
  • H-1B at 20: How the 'tech worker visa' is remaking IT

    Posted November 17, 2010 - 2:55 pm

    This news analysis is part of our special report on the 20th anniversary of the H-1B visa, which also includes first-person accounts from five IT workers who have been directly affected by the H-1B program and visual and interactive tools to help you analyze H-1B visa data.
  • H-1B: The voices behind the visa

    Posted November 17, 2010 - 2:53 pm

    This article is part of our special report on the 20th anniversary of the H-1B visa, which also includes first-person accounts from five IT workers who have been directly affected by the H-1B program and visual and interactive tools to help you analyze H-1B visa data.
  • Majority plan to work through holiday "vacations"

    Posted November 17, 2010 - 2:46 pm

    Holiday shopping is already underway, but next week the real holiday season begins. Starting with Thanksgiving, employees across the United States and around the world will be taking four-day weekends and extended vacations to celebrate the holidays...sort of. Many will not physically go to the office, but will continue working through the holidays nonetheless.
  • Improving economy means better IT job opportunities

    Posted November 16, 2010 - 6:53 pm

    According to the recently released Robert Half Technology Salary Guide 2011, IT hiring may be poised for a rebound in the coming year. In the wake of the recession, business leaders will continue to approach their personnel investments cautiously, but opportunities -- and compensation -- should increase for job seekers who have the right skills. People who can help companies grow while becoming more efficient are likely to be in highest demand.
  • Supply chain talent: In demand and out of stock?

    Posted November 15, 2010 - 6:18 pm

    Companies are bemoaning a supply chain talent shortage--but is it real? One guru says these companies are lazy, even unwilling to train up current staff.
  • First!

    Posted April 20, 2010 - 7:30 pm

    First posts are always awkward. They're like first dates when you know something about the person, but not a lot, or enough. But, they're one of the few chances you get to make introductions and set expectations.  So, introductions...
  • The unvarnished truth about Unvarnished, part II

    Posted April 13, 2010 - 12:34 pm

    In the last episode of TY4NS, I dove into the controversy swirling around Unvarnished, the reputations Web site people love to hate. Why do they hate it?
  • The unvarnished truth about Unvarnished, part I

    Posted April 8, 2010 - 1:02 pm

    Contrary to popular opinion, Peter Kazanjy is not trying to make the Internet a safer place for slander.
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