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Application management and application performance management (APM) news, solutions, and analysis for IT professionals

Google brings app messaging to its cloud

Google Cloud Pub/Sub messaging service can tie together different components of an enterprise cloud application

Google’s new open-source PerfKit framework watches cloud application performance

Google’s latest foray into the open-source realm is a framework it’s calling “PerfKit,” which is designed to measure application performance in the cloud.

Brocade acquires Riverbed ADC to bolster virtual delivery services

Brocade this week said it will acquire Riverbed Technology's SteelApp product line in an all-cash asset transaction.

A one man band

Keyboard for one: 9 of the most impressive solo programming efforts

Notable examples of coding brilliance that came from the mind (and hands) of one programmer

Nordstrom's use of APM lets it identify app performance issues in minutes vs. days

The high-end retailer uses Dynatrace Application Performance Management tools in development all the way through to production.

VCs bet $33M you’ll want to use Avi Networks’ white box hardware for app delivery

Ex-Cisco execs who co-founded Avi hope to do for ADC what SDN has done for the network.

New IBM service shines a light on mobile device and app performance

The company is also unveiling cloud-based virtual desktops for mobile devices.

The cover of Ruby on Rails book

Losing steam: Don’t drop everything to learn Ruby on Rails

Knowledge of the popular web application framework still pays well, but demand for the skill seems to be on the decline

Xbox Live Gold Free Trial with Doritos Purchase Floor Display

Why your app should offer a free trial

New research shows that, in theory, alternative app pricing schemes, such as pay-per-use and free trial periods, could make both consumers and producers happier


How to fetch a file from FTP and import into SQL Server automatically

The importance of automating processes can't be overestimated. Most things start out as a manual procedure until you work out exactly how things should happen, but many times they stay that way permanently.

Microsoft ramps up 'devops' capabilities for developers

Microsoft has added release management, performance measurement and configuration blueprints to its devops arsenal.

Picture of a t-shirt with the HTML5 logo

Why you should worry about HTML5 mobile apps

New research demonstrates that, unlike apps written in the native code of a mobile device, those written in HTML5 are susceptible to code injection attacks

AppDynamics now provides intel for business managers

Its new Fall 2014 Release offers real-time insights that business leaders might find useful.

A dart board with darts far away from the bullseye

Dart still far from hitting the JavaScript bullseye

TIOBE’s latest ranking of programming languages suggests Dart is making progress at JavaScript’s expense, but other data show that’s not the case

HP gives Moonshot server its first Xeon chip

The ProLiant m710 is designed for application delivery and video transcoding.

Programmers' worst nightmares

Frightening to the core: 13 things that give programmers nightmares

This Halloween, if you want to really scare your favorite software developer, forget witches, ghosts and serial killers and think along these lines instead

Gymmast falling off balance beam

Not so Agile: 9 ways that companies do Scrum wrong

Here are methods for overcoming many of the pitfalls that companies frequently encounter when implementing the popular Agile framework

Georgia's players (R, red) and Namibia's players push each other in a scrum during their IRB Nations

How to do Scrum right

Jeff Sutherland, one of the creators of the popular agile framework, recently shared some advice on how to get the most out of it

Tibco goes to private equity firm for $4.3 billion

Just weeks after Tibco said it was looking at its long-term business options, the business intelligence software and middleware vendor disclosed Monday that it will be acquired by private equity firm Vista Equity Partners.

Harvard researchers take aim at Shellshock-like woes with new scripting language

While administrators scramble to fix the newly discovered Shellshock vulnerability, Harvard University researchers are putting the finishing touches on a scripting language built to mitigate the damage caused by such holes.

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