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Virtual hard drives: The IT pro trick that lets you back up your data for free

IT professionals have used virtual hard drives for years in servers and virtual machines, but you can also use VHDs to back up your data.

Drive-cloning utilities: The best Mac apps for making a bootable backup

Good backups are essential for every Mac user. But I also recommend maintaining a clone (also known as a bootable duplicate) -- a complete, identical copy of your startup volume, stored on an external drive in such a way that you can...

Two cloud backup and sync programs you can't live without

There are plenty of backup and sync solutions out there, and choosing the best among them can be tough. But there are two that stand out from the pack -- check them out, because they well might surprise you.

How to build a storage and backup strategy for your small business

Today's businesses generate more data than ever before. Luckily, storage technology is correspondingly cheaper and more plentiful than ever before. This means your small business has work to do if you want to build an effective...

If we show you how to back up your PC for free, will you finally do it?

The only way to ensure that none of your personal files or programs are lost in a catastrophe is to back up everything regularly. What's it gonna take? These free backup tools are a good start.

Get ready for Clean Out Your Computer Day

People are incredibly lackadaisical when it comes to PC maintenance. In recognition of the annual day to clean up your PC, here are some tips.

Your backup drive needs a backup plan: Three ways to safeguard the data

Files on your backup drive may be as vulnerable as those on your PC, unless you take some important precautions.

How to keep cloud-based data safe

A real-estate brokerage opts to back up critical documents stored in Google Drive.

iCloud backup tricks for the iPhone and iPad

iCould has its limits, namely the measly 5GB of free storage you get to cover all devices associated with your Apple ID. You might find yourself running out of space, especially if you have more than one iOS device and use iCloud for...

Veeam: Backup, but for virtual machines

The rise of virtualization has ushered in dramatic shifts in the computing landscape: Servers are more efficient and users can be more agile. But it's also created new challenges for backup and recovery.

The absurdly simple guide to backing up your PC

Wherein we conceptualize the need and walk you through the deed.

Done with the cloud? Alternatives for online backups

The need to back up your data is indisputable, but how you do it is a matter of choice. Cloud backup services are the most hassle-free option, but they can be costly, and they require a stable, high-speed broadband connection that...

Easy Save: 4 services that take the pain out of backups

Convenient. Affordable. Easy to manage. Our top picks offer that and other useful options.

How to schedule automatic, full backups in Windows 8

Microsoft left out the option to schedule regular, full backups in Windows 8. Here's how to bring it back.

The data debacle part deux: Am I a total idiot, or what?

Some readers say I should have known better than to use a cloud service to store and share files. Here's what I have to say about that.

5 ways to disaster-proof your data backups

Protect the lifeblood of your business with at least one--and ideally, two--of these proven techniques.

How to overcome small business data recovery challenges

Data recovery has mattered ever since businesses started relying on PCs in the workplace. Today's common storage options for small businesses all present some disaster recovery challenges. Here's what your organization should do to...

EMC 'bringing the sexy back' to data

When it comes to backup and recovery, IT is struggling to meet business demand within most enterprises--and the problem stands to get only worse. EMC believes the answer is a more open and agile protection storage architecture.

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