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Google Cloud Platform provides a home for cloud code

Google Cloud Platform users can now store their code in the same environment in which it is run

Juniper scales down the Internet core

PTX1000 router features 3Tbps in 2RU for distributed peering.

Cartoon of a man trying to rescind a wedding toast using Undo Send

If only Google could help with the wedding toast [CARTOON]

Sadly, Gmail’s new Undo Send feature can’t save us from ourselves all the time.

Google brings Broad Institute's genome analysis kit to the cloud

The institute's software will be free for non-profits and academic researchers, but everyone will pay to use Google's cloud platform

IBM, Box partner on cloud analytics technologies

Box users will be able to store data on the IBM cloud and use Watson Analytics

Snowflake Computing opens data warehouse to the masses

General availability of the cloud computing service comes alongside a $45 million funding round

Arista has a controller now too

Company unveils CloudVision orchestrator for its switches.

fog lifting

Enterprise financials in the cloud? Why the fog of skepticism may be lifting

Spreadsheets and email documents are a bigger threat than the cloud, says Forrester Research’s Liz Herbert.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, June 23

Privacy group demands Uber probe... Europol hunts Isis online...Oracle goes all-in on the cloud

Larry Ellison speaks at the Oracle Cloud Platform launch June 22, 2015

Oracle finally goes all in on cloud services

The company launched 24 new services to help its customers get into the cloud.

Larry Ellison speaks at the Oracle Cloud Platform launch June 22, 2015

Oracle completes its stack of cloud services

Oracle has launched 24 new services to help customers onto the cloud

Cloud plays prominently in an IT overhaul at Milwaukee Tool

Eric Hanson, VP of Information Technology and Business Optimization at Milwaukee Tool, joined the company five years ago to help rethink IT as the company was remaking itself. Cloud ended up playing a critical role, especially when...

containers vs virtual machines

Standards are coming for containers

A group of leading tech vendors has joined the Open Container Project to create a standard container format.

container technology

IBM announces container service for Bluemix

The new IBM Containers service, based on the open source Docker software container technology, is designed to help developers deliver applications across hybrid cloud environments.

IBM books CopLink into the cloud

The CopLink cloud offering is part of the new IBM Safer Planet portfolio

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, June 22

Taylor Swift shames Apple into paying musicians royalties during streaming trial

Pepper robot

1,000 Pepper robots sell out in a minute on launch day

The US$1,600 household robot has an emotion engine and is designed to be a member of the family

Enterprises hesitant on SDNs

Cultural, legacy, business case issues create adoption gap with cloud providers

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