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WebRTC close to tipping point as Cisco, Microsoft announce products

Announcements by Cisco and Microsoft this week may signal that the WebRTC project Google released in 2011 for web-based communications apps might be ready for prime time.

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IBM's new enterprise email aims to organize your day

IBM Verse, formerly called Mail Next, fuses e-mails with collaboration and analysis tools.

Evernote's quest to change the world through productivity software

Evernote's push for enterprise readiness is actually a push to change the way we work together.

Cisco crashes the enterprise mobile party with new collaboration app

Project Squared will let users strike up ad hoc team meetings with audio, video conferencing, file sharing and text chat.

Facebook work collaboration tool makes sense, but could be another distraction, analysts say

Facebook is working on a collaboration tool for businesses called "Facebook at Work" in a bid to compete with similar tools from Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

Jive integrates enterprise social suite with Google Docs

The company already had 'connectors' for Gmail and Google Drive.

10 tools that will make you a social media guru

These 10 tools will help you manage your individual or business social media accounts without breaking the bank.

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Free videoconferencing tools: 5 creative ways they can help you get things done

Skype, GoToMeeting, and their ilk need not sit idly between meetings. Use the services to collaborate, train employees and more.

Citrix's ShareFile gets document signing thanks to acquisition

The company has acquired RightSignature for an undisclosed sum

Salesforce and Microsoft partnership gains some steam

The vendors have revealed general delivery dates for integrations between their platforms.

Bill Gates: Microsoft is developing a killer meeting-room app

Microsoft is actively developing a meeting-room application designed to streamline the entire process, including sharing data and recognizing participants, according to company co-founder Bill Gates.

How Evernote will become a full-fledged collaboration platform

Work Chat, a full-fledged collaboration tool available by the end of 2014, will let users share notes, talk to each other, and work together in real-time across platforms.

Jive is starting to feel more like a feature than a standalone product

Salesforce this morning updated its Community Cloud product, which lets businesses set up online social communities for employees, customers, or partners. The updates include letting users set up profile pages that Salesforce compares...

Hands-on: OneNote Online's collaboration tools improve, but there's still no messaging

Microsoft has announced some improvements to the collaboration tools in OneNote Online, the web-app version of Microsoft's note-taking suite. The news is cause for joy, as OneNote's collaboration chops were relatively limited up to...

Peak vs. Tibbr: Two apps that help track team communications

Peak and Tibbr are two tools that teams can use to help track projects and improve workgroup communications.

Adobe revamps Connect's collaboration features

In addition to the usual polishing upgrades to fit and finish, Connect 9.3 is launching with major enhancements to three facets of the application: Upgraded social media integration and sharing, significantly enhanced whiteboarding,...

Working together: 3 new team collaboration tools

Three new services -- Flow, Glip and Slingshot -- try to enhance the ability of teams to converse and collaborate using a variety of tools.

Lifesize launches enterprise SaaS video collaboration offering

Lifesize, a division of Logitech, has launched its Software-as-a-Service business-class video collaboration offering.

Outlook ties in Office Web Apps for document collaboration

When you collaborate on a presentation over email, there's annoying back-and-forth involved. Outlook's Web app hopes to cut that down.

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