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Pebble Time smartwatch to begin shipping on May 27

Pebble has developed new iOS and Android apps that work exclusively with the Time models

Want smart-home devices to get along? Get the industry to do it first

IoT may simplify home automation, but not without a lot of hard work behind the scenes

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, May 19

Obama claims @POTUS, tweets...YouTube Kids shows beer ads...Samsung off the hook for some Apple damages

Zuckerberg sees Oculus Rift shrinking to the size of glasses

Future versions of the virtual reality headset won't require being linked to a computer, the Facebook CEO said

Oculus focuses on developing Rift for Windows only, suspends Mac, Linux work

The virtual reality headset won't work on most laptops, according to specs provided by Oculus

electric car being charged

To push electric cars, Seoul rolls out portable chargers with RFID

The chargers allow drivers to juice up their batteries at residential parking lots rather than dedicated stations.

Upcoming drone has six rotors to capture stable video

Instead of an expensive, fragile gimbal the LVL 1 uses a unique rotor configuration.

Fujitsu pushes wearable IoT tags that detect falls, heat stress

The Bluetooth tags are aimed at medical, infrastructure and manufacturing customers

Greenpeace fingers YouTube, Netflix as threat to greener Internet

Rising consumer data demands puts a strain on companies' energy needs, says Greenpeace

win10 post pastpresentfture 640x339

Windows 10 will only be a free upgrade for the first year

Will we have to pay for a subscription after that?

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, May 12

Verizon makes bid for AOL ... Public Wi-Fi set for speed boost ... Mac security product opens critical hole on Macs

fujitsu smart glasses

Laser in Fujitsu smartglasses fires images right into retina

The device could help people with poor vision who can't use glasses or contacts

Google's self-driving cars of tomorrow face the mean streets of today

Google's cars have been in 11 accidents in their six years of testing, the company says


CHIP is a $9 computer that could do almost everything

Meet the world's cheapest computer

Genre of cheap, highly-specified, large-screened phones promise to capture the attention of buyers

Phablets to replace smartphones implies new survey

The smartphone-tablet genre has quadrupled its first-quarter share over the same period in 2014. This new number might be signaling the demise of the smaller form-factor smartphone.

As the Apple Watch goes, so does the smartwatch market

If the Apple wearable device fails, consumer sentiment towards all smartwatches could turn toxic

Apple Watch band guidelines exert careful control over design

Third-party bands can't include a wireless charger or interfere with the smartwatch's heart rate sensor


Office 2016 Preview is available now to download

Try out the new features and influence the next version of Office

Microsoft woos developers with SDK for Band fitness tracker

The SDK allows developers to access the caloric data stored in Band, among other functions


14 technology terms explained in everyday language

This site uses clever metaphors to demystify technology without the jargon

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