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The end of Windows 7 is near

Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows 7, at least the consumer version. It's Windows 8 or wait for Windows 10 now

mobile payment

Why CurrentC will beat out Apple Pay in the end

Even though Apple has the technically superior platform for mobile payments, it won't be enough to win the war.

eff surveillance self defense

The EFF launches a Surveillance Self-Defense site, your security starter pack

Learn how to defend yourself and protect your data and communications

google 2fa security key

You can now protect your Google account with a USB security key for two-factor authentication

But should you?

Google steps up push for Chromebooks in the office

Just as new low-cost Windows laptops are about to hit the market, Google is introducing new capabilities aimed at making Chromebooks more appealing to business users.

MobileIron brings mobile management into mainstream IT

MobileIron announced on Monday plans to add integration with Microsoft System Center Console Manager (SCCM) as a feature to its EMM suite.

After the breach: What to do when your information has been stolen from a company

The Chase data breach is another reminder of how fragile our security is

Survey: BYOD security remains spotty, with users unaware or unmotivated about risks

A new survey from BitDefender shows that more and more people use their own mobile devices for work, but the security measures lag.

Law enforcement agencies are handing out keyloggers in the name of internet safety

If a cop tries to give you ComputerCOP, just say no thanks

Local virtual desktops may be the (old) new thing in BYOD

As an increasing number of IT organizations become interested in enabling bring-your-own-PC programs for their employees, an old idea may be gaining fresh adherents: desktop virtualization.

The new features in Windows 10, from Microsoft's guide to the technical preview

Shortcuts and tips from Microsoft show you what's new in Windows 10

Mute tabs with one click in experimental versions of Chrome

If a site is being noisy, this will make it easier to silence it

Former iPhone manager: Apple will struggle to analyze watch data

Inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs gathered for Wearable Wednesday in downtown San Francisco at the offices of Wearable World, an incubator for companies building tech that attaches to various parts of the body. Participants...

Fiberlink wipes one smartphone or tablet every three minutes

A study of devices managed by Fiberlink's MaaS360 showed that 450 mobile devices are wiped every day as part of a security policy.

The blue light from our screens could be damaging our health

Here's what to do about it

Passport sellouts at 200,000 preorders reveal a more modest BlackBerry

BlackBerry boasts of numbers that would make larger companies wince

Make a Windows To Go USB drive--without needing Windows Enterprise edition

Take Windows with you on a bootable USB drive

Is BYOD burning out your workforce?

Employees who buy into the bring your own mobile device lifestyle may be bringing on a lot of stress as well.

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