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Security Manager's Journal: The ins and outs of extending DLP

I love DLP! That's not a statement that would sell a chief financial officer on data leak prevention, but I can show real ROI from our deployment as well.

Symantec software monitors sensitive Apple iOS iPhone, iPad e-mail

Symantec today said the updated version of its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite will be able to monitor confidential data sent by e-mail via Apple iPhones and iPads.

How much do data breaches cost? More than you think

According to Symantec, data spills cost US companies nearly $200 per record lost -- a good reason why organizations need to do a better job of protecting our data.

Unix: Rootkit detection and prevention

You could have a rootkit infection right now and be totally unaware. One of the key goals of a rootkit is, after all, to go undetected. If the rootkit is hiding files, processes, logins, etc., how would you know? If you can't see it,...

Security Manager's Journal: Did DLP tool prevent an assault?

A data loss prevention tool flags keywords that lead to the discovery of a possible conspiracy to commit a crime.

IT security vendor Verdasys brings DLP to the cloud

Security vendor Verdasys says it's ready to bring data loss prevention (DLP) to the cloud.

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