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Anthem hack: Personal data stolen sells for 10X price of stolen credit card numbers

Crooks will use the information to steal identities, not just run up credit card bills.

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How to create an effective data security communication plan

There is a need to create value around company data and one way to do this is to ensure that the workforce knows and understands the threats that are out there and the measures that are in place to protect against them.

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Be prepared for the breach that’s headed your way

If we learned anything in 2014, it was that no one is immune to a massive data breach. If one hits you this year, are you going to have the visibility that will let you tell the executive team what they need to know?

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Report: Most companies fail at keeping track of patches, sensitive data

The majority of businesses don't have a solid system for tracking sensitive data or a mature patch management process, according to new survey of IT professionals.

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Incident response survival guide

Everything you you need to know to plan, detect, and successfully respond to data breaches.

Confidential business data at risk at the border

U.S. agents can search and seize the laptops of international travelers at the border, so take precautions to protect confidential business information.

Security Manager's Journal: The ins and outs of extending DLP

I love DLP! That's not a statement that would sell a chief financial officer on data leak prevention, but I can show real ROI from our deployment as well.

Symantec software monitors sensitive Apple iOS iPhone, iPad e-mail

Symantec today said the updated version of its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) suite will be able to monitor confidential data sent by e-mail via Apple iPhones and iPads.

How much do data breaches cost? More than you think

According to Symantec, data spills cost US companies nearly $200 per record lost -- a good reason why organizations need to do a better job of protecting our data.

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