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Data center security in the cloud.

5 techniques for securing your enterprise data

The pros and cons of new techniques and tools, such as cloud access security brokers, adaptive access control and pervasive sandboxing.

A split Symantec: Less appealing to customers, more appealing to buyers

Analysts react to Symantec split announcement.

Kmart hacked, exposing customers' card numbers

Sears Holding Corp. said Friday the payment systems at its Kmart retail chain had been breached as a result of malware, compromising shoppers' credit and debit card numbers.

IT industry group slams burdens imposed by proposed EU privacy policy

Justice ministers' proposals to relax European Union data protection rules for low-risk personal data are a step in the right direction, according to a lobbying group backed by IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

13 steps through a data breach

Here is what an organization should do after a security breach occurs.

Dairy Queen stores hit by 'Backoff' malware, payment card data stolen

Dairy Queen said Thursday the "Backoff" point-of-sale malware infected systems at 395 of its stores, stealing payment card data.

Russian faces more charges in point-of-sale hacking case

A Russian man accused of hacking point-of-sale systems in the U.S. is facing additional charges following a revised indictment returned by a grand jury on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

The BadUSB exploit is deadly, but few may be hit

It's a case of good news/bad news with the BadUSB firmware exploit.

Judges spar with attorneys on national security data requests

Federal judges challenged attorneys on Wednesday to clarify the rationale and constitutionality of government data requests, in a line of questioning that may ultimately introduce greater transparency into what is now a tightly...

An inside look at Russian cybercriminals

A detailed look at Russian cybercriminals focused on accessing online banking accounts reveals an effective hidden system for spreading malware through compromised websites.

Google's takedown policy: Celebrity nudes today, your right to know tomorrow?

Google patted itself on the back for being responsive to a request to take down nude photos of celebrities. But this is classic slippery-slope territory.

5 steps to take when a data breach hits

Here, step-by-step in chronological order, is what you need to do to survive a data breach.

EU's likely next digital chief takes a swipe at US over data protection

Wasting no time, the European commissioner who could soon be co-leading the EU's digital agenda is already firing warning shots at the U.S. over data protection.

Critical Bugzilla vulnerability could give hackers access to undisclosed software flaws

Hackers could have had an inside track on unpatched flaws in major software projects because of a critical vulnerability in Bugzilla, a system that many developers use to track and discuss bugs in their code.

AT&T fired employee who improperly accessed customer accounts

AT&T fired an employee who improperly accessed about 1,600 customer accounts and could have viewed customers' Social Security and driver's license numbers.

Breach blanket: To contain the damage, plan ahead -- way ahead

Data breaches are inevitable. But the ways IT leaders respond to them are not.

Yahoo says attackers looking for Shellshock found a different bug

Yahoo said Monday it has fixed a bug that was mistaken for the Shellshock flaw, but no user data was affected.

Did researchers help hackers in releasing USB drive exploit?

The debate over when security researchers should expose serious vulnerabilities has been rekindled with the recent release of exploit tools for a flaw in USB flash drive firmware.

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