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Teradata brings MapR Hadoop into the data warehouse

Enterprises benefit from extending their data warehouse architectures to handle big data workloads, Teradata says.

HP plugs the Vertica analytics engine into Hadoop

HP Vertica for SQL on Hadoop promises to pair the reliability of SQL with the scalability of Hadoop.

Waiting for Hadoop is like Waiting for Godot, says Gartner

Most companies who have invested in big data have only done so for pilots


Hadoop platform, apps represent $1 trillion opportunity

Hadoop will evolve into an invisible foundational data infrastructure technology this year, says Cloudera Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson. Now's the time to focus on building applications on top of the platform, he says....

Hadoop World: The executive dashboard is on the way out

The O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York points to new ways of analyzing data.

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12 things I hate about Hadoop

Hadoop is a wonderful creation, but it's evolving quickly and it can exhibit flaws. Here are my dozen downers.

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Hortonworks boosts support for enterprise needs in HDP 2.2

The latest version of the Hortonworks Data Platform distribution of Hadoop adds numerous features with a special focus on enterprise requirements around governance, security and operations.

MapR aims to take SQL-on-Hadoop to next level

Aiming to eliminate a number of onerous data engineering tasks, MapR today updated its distribution of Hadoop to include Apache Drill 0.5.

Hadoop gets real

How four IT leaders managed to bring Hadoop systems from the sandbox into production.

When to use Hadoop (and when not to)

When enterprises interested in leveraging big data and analytics ask how to get started, they often are advised to begin with Hadoop, Apache Software's open source data storage and processing framework.

Apache Hive brings real-time queries to Hadoop

Hive's SQL-like query language and vastly improved speed on huge data sets make it the perfect partner for an enterprise data warehouse.

Data scientists frustrated by data variety, find Hadoop limiting

Companies are focusing more and more attention on building out big data analytics capabilities and data scientists are feeling the pressure.

Hadoop distributor MapR gets $110M from Google

MapR, which distributes a commercial software platform based off the Apache Hadoop big data management open source project, has secured a $110 million funding round led by Google.

MapR extends Hadoop's reach with big data app gallery

MapR Technologies, provider of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, added a new dimension to the big data market today with the launch of a Hadoop application gallery, which features ready-made big data utilities and applications...

Hortonworks buys big data security specialist, will donate IP to Apache

Hortonworks plans to begin integrating XA Secure's technology with HDP immediately and support for the technology will be offered through its Enterprise Plus subscription.

Hadoop 2.0 a step forward, but still a just framework for programmers

When people look at Hadoop and describe it in widely varying ways, they are all right since it is like clay that can be, in theory, molded to whatever shape required. The problem is they are also wrong in that Hadoop really is just a...

Big data giants Cloudera and MongoDB join forces

Strategic partnership promises even greater integration of the most adopted NoSQL database and the most adopted Hadoop distribution.

10 hot Hadoop startups to watch

As data volumes grow, figuring out how to unlock value becomes vastly important. Hadoop enables the processing of large data sets in a distributed environment and has become almost synonymous with big data. Here are 10 startups with...

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