Internet of Things

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Take another look at wireless charging

The convenience and utility of wireless power is becoming hard to ignore.

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Nokia rolls out its first 'petabit-class' router

With internet traffic set to triple over the next five years or so, according to recent estimates from Nokia and Cisco Systems, Nokia thinks the time is right for a new range of high-end routers that can boost core capacity by a...

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Imagination adds safety, resilience to processor for IoT

Chip designers are applying industrial safety design techniques to their processor cores so that they can get themselves out of trouble when a fault occurs.

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The top 7 Linux IoT projects

IoT, in all of its manifold forms, is increasingly a Linux game, and the Linux Foundation lists seven projects as the key players in the march of connected open-source systems. Here's a rundown.

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HPE merges IT, OT with Edgeline software platform to crunch IoT data

Before the advent of sensors in cars, phones, thermostats, refrigerators and factory-floor devices, information technology and operational technology were two different worlds. The Internet of Things is changing that.

Experts: The future of IoT will be fascinating and also potentially catastrophic

The Internet of Things is going to be inescapable, pervasive, and riddled with more insecurity than a middle schooler’s birthday party, but it’s at least going to be interesting, according to a raft of prominent technologists surveyed...

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Don't be left behind by IPv6 deployment, ISOC warns enterprises

They have the resources, the expertise and, though they may not realize it, the need -- but it turns out that enterprises are often the ones that don't yet have IPv6.

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Top 5 skills needed for the industrial IoT

Here are 5 skills needed to enable the industrial IoT that blends technologies to create new products and services.

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What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 blends manufacturing equipment, supply-chain data and other elements to produce new saleable data.

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CIOs key to bridging the IT/OT divide

The convergence of IT and operational technology provides a prime opportunity for business-minded CIOs to shine

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A lack of IoT security is scaring the heck out of everybody

Enterprises aren’t yet managing the risks posed by the swelling wave of IoT technology very well, according to a study released today by the Ponemon Institute.

John Deere IoT

A Skunk Works with tractors: Inside John Deere’s IoT-innovation unit

John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group is at the forefront of an IoT-based revolution in agriculture, and the cutting edge of the firm’s aggressive development of technology designed to turn farming from an art into a science.

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Internet of tractors: how sensors and software improve farming accuracy

Internet of tractors: how sensors and software improve farming accuracy

6 reasons chip hacks will become more popular

Code embedded in hardware has vulnerabilities and it's harder to patch. That will make it a target for hackers.

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Patch the Samba bug before a network worm exploits it

It isn’t at WannaCry-crisis levels yet, but the fact that Samba is so widely used means a network worm can really have a field day exploiting this vulnerability.

How John Deere developed one of the best GPS locators in the world

One of the most accurate GPS-based location systems in the world is John Deere’s RTK network, a dual-band GPS system that lets farmers track their planting, harvesting and more to an accuracy of less than an inch.

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Top 5 Reasons IoT projects fail

If you’re doing an Internet of Things deployment, prepare to fail because of company culture, organizations and process.

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Cisco: Secure IoT networks, not the devices

Cisco’s IoT Threat combines network segmentation rule creator product TrustSec, network behavior analytics platform Stealthwatch and device visibility offering named Cisco Identity Service Engine, all used in conjunction to secure IoT...

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