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6 ways to attract and retain millennial workers

For all the talk about millennial workers, many companies are still stymied when it comes to not just hiring millennials, but also retaining them. Here are 6 ways you can not only draw millennial workers to open positions, but also...

Wayfair CIO Jack Wood

cios csos need to work together

CIO-CSO tension makes businesses stronger

Strong relationships within the C-suite are critical for businesses to thrive, but perhaps none are more important that the relationship between CIO and CSO.

CSC to split in two, spin off US public sector work

Computer Sciences Corporation, founded in 1959, is becoming two companies

unconscious bias in recruiting

How unconscious bias impacts IT recruiting and hiring

Organizations have made great strides tackling overt discrimination and creating more inclusive working environments. But what's harder to identify, and harder to change, are unconscious biases that have an equally detrimental effect...

women it pros best places to work

13 best companies for female IT pros

The Anita Borg Institute has released its annual list of best companies for women technologists. At the top of the list: BNY Mellon; with tech firms like Google, Apple, GoDaddy and also making a strong showing.

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5 hot trends in software development hiring

Hiring trends change as fast as technology, and it's important to keep your skills up to date. Here are 5 of the fastest growing trends in the tech industry -- and the software you need to know.

starwood spg keyless

Siri checks in: Welcome to Starwood's hotel room of the future

From robot bellhops to RFID carpet, Starwood is betting big on technology as the future of hospitality.

cloud government

Federal CIOs want better cloud vendor support

With considerable momentum within the government for moving to the cloud, federal IT leaders would like better guarantees from service providers when things go wrong.

improve employee engagement

How a battered Zoosk kept employees engaged

After an abrupt leadership change and a cancelled IPO in January, Zoosk vice president of people Carol Mahoney had to start from scratch to bring the online dating company back from the brink.

Historic Met museum puts new technologies on display

The Metropolitan Museum of Art faced a legacy challenge few organizations have to worry about. It needed to improve the visitor experience without disrupting the culture of the 145-year-old museum. Here's how the Met combined iPads,...

empty seats

Confronting the widening infosec skills gap

In a world of cyberthreats that are bigger, more frequent and more sophisticated, there is a serious, and growing, shortage of cybersecurity professionals available to confront them. Some organizations are working to close the gap,...

Looking offshore

When is offshoring software development the wrong choice? 7 don'ts to remember

Offshoring can be a valid option, but only for the right projects and the right reasons. Here’s how to know for sure if it’s the wrong choice.

hiring technology professionals

4 types of geeks you need and how to recruit them

When you're hiring tech talent, you need to know how to appeal to hard-core IT technologists at every stage of their career. Here, experts from consultancy and IT advisory firm Wisegate share advice on how to attract four types of...

european commission flags

Europe's war against U.S. tech is wrongheaded

The European tech sector won’t catch up to the U.S. by having bureaucrats fight its battles.


H-1B employees crowd out other workers, says study

A new paper found that winning additional H-1B visas has "an insignificant effect on patenting," and that "H-1Bs substantially crowd out employment of other workers."

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5 lessons small IT shops can teach the big guys

Thanks to anything-as-a-service options, tiny IT departments can be just as strong as big ones and more nimble, too. Here are five must-know practices the big guys can learn from these small but mighty shops.

Mark Zuckerberg lecturing Harvard’s CS50 in 2005

Watch Mark Zuckerberg lecture a computer science class at Harvard - in 2005

Just as he was getting famous a decade ago, Facebook’s founder went back to his alma mater as a guest lecturer - and you can watch it all.

tape measure

The measures of a manager

The question — “How do you measure your own success?” — is deceptively simple, but it seems to rattle most managers.

1 salary survey intro

Money on the mind of security pros

Survey shows that security professionals are worried about financial stability, keeping up with technology

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