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5 conversations CIOs must have with their C-suite peers

CenturyLink CIO Bill Bradley says tech leaders need to keep their C-level peers abreast of IT efforts. Not surprisingly, mobile and cloud are among the key discussions.


IT leg-breakers: Exacting (small-scale) revenge in the digital age

IT contractors are often in positions to wreak havoc and extract money via "legbreaker" tactics. Think ahead to stay safe.

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Bold CIOs are breaking free of legacy tech

It's hard to become a nimble, digital disruptor if you're weighed down by systems anchored in the past. Many CIOs are working to escape the grip of outdated IT.

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Where are all the good Web developers?

If you’re having trouble finding them, ask yourself: Am I a bad client, or am I looking in the wrong place?

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CIOs must cultivate the next business technology leaders

Companies must orchestrate succession plans at the lower levels of their IT organizations, mitigating risk that they will fall behind in the event of managerial defections.

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Companies need to hire IT pros – fast

While demand was down slightly, businesses still report a need for IT professionals in Q4. But candidates need to move fast, because companies are eager to fill these positions as soon as possible.

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4 ways MOOCs are changing professional development

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, offer a powerful platform for enterprise training, education and development – at big cost savings and with greater efficiency.

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A strong IT workforce starts with training

As CIOs lead the charge for developing technology acumen across the entire organization, their talent strategy must include training as a priority, in addition to recruiting new talent, writes Accenture’s Diana Bersohn.

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How to ace the CISO interview -- be ready for the tough questions

The final hurdle to top information security jobs is the interview, or as one executive put it, “interviews” – as many as a dozen. So successful candidates have to be prepared for the questions that are designed to see if they can be...

Shine a spotlight on shadow IT and prosper

Don't fear shadow IT -- exploit it and prosper

Business colleagues with a technical itch can be effective allies if you foster a sane, productive strategy around DIY IT.

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The art of a successful tech company turnaround

More often than not turnarounds are done badly. Here's a peek into the process behind a turnaround success story.

Must-seee TED Talks for Techies [slideshow cover]

10 TED Talks for techies

These inspiring, sometimes frightening presentations detail how technologies from bionics to big data to machine learning will change our world for good or ill -- and sooner than you might think.

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Millennials want to be leaders — but not without big salaries, perks

A new survey suggests millennial workers respect their bosses, look to them for motivation and want to become leaders themselves, but salary, workplace perks and high-end technology are more important to them than to older generations....

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What next? A brief history of tech stars and their second acts

They went big, went home, and (in some cases) went big again.


CSO Survival Guide: Securing DevOps

A number of the most important stories you need to read for securing DevOps

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Congress set to make the H-1B visa less costly for India

Congress is set to drop a $2,000 H-1B visa fee mostly paid by India-based IT services providers.

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Bimodal IT: A two-pronged approach to delivering innovation and maintenance

One group is tasked with keep-the-lights-on functions, the other on business-advancing tasks. Is this new setup the answer to IT’s dual responsibilities?

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7 reasons to hire back the right former employees

Hiring back people who left your organization is never an easy decision, but more companies are saying yes to the right former workers. Find out why.

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