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Career advice for IT managers, including job search tips, interview techniques, project management, IT-business alignment, outsourcing, and vendor management

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CIOs seek cybersecurity solutions, bigger voice in C-suite

Tech chiefs come together to sift through security issues, ranging from cybersecurity to budgets to CISO roles.

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Are in-body microchips set for office life?

Work getting under your skin? It will be if pet-style, embedded-in-hand radio chips take off.

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How CIOs can create the IT workforce of the future

Today’s businesses are more dependent on technology than ever. For CIOs this is a change-or-be-changed scenario -- a call to action to guide their businesses and shape the IT workforce.

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How CISOs can create security KPIs and KRIs

The Information Security Forum recommends that CISOs take a four-step approach to creating key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) to support informed decision-making.

Which way to management?

The programmer's guide to breaking into management

The transition from command line to line-of-command requires a new mind-set -- and a thick skin

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The dirty secrets of project management revealed

Thousands of project managers are in a mad rush to push IT projects live on July 1. Why are PMs more than willing to go over budget than miss a deadline?

mob programming

Introducing Mob programming: The best team technique you've (probably) never heard of

Adopting a mob mentality may give your development team a productivity boost and improve software quality to boot. The reason, proponents say, is that working as a team allows for faster feedback loops and avoids problems associated...

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Obama's trade win brings H-1B unease

Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership he's negotiating tie the hands of visa reformers?


Morale boosters: 5 proven ways to motivate your IT team

Disengaged teams foster a toxic and unproductive work environment. When motivation slips, here’s what you can do to get staff back on track.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, June 23

Privacy group demands Uber probe... Europol hunts Isis online...Oracle goes all-in on the cloud

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6 steps to optimize your vendor relationships

Are your vendors one of the most important reasons why your organization is successful? If not, you may have a huge opportunity to unleash untapped capabilities that are already at your disposal.


How CIOs unplug on vacation

Being able to trust a talented and reliable team is one reason why executives can get away from the office with confidence and focus on their families.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, June 22

Taylor Swift shames Apple into paying musicians royalties during streaming trial

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How to structure an outsourced IT project for less risk, more leverage

Large-scale IT outsourcing deals are doomed to fail if you don’t structure the project properly starting in the negotiating and contracting phase. Here's how to do it right.

geek guides

Download free technical ebooks from Linux Journal

These new "Geek Guides" are indeed very geeky but also practical

it workforce hiring trends

The midyear state of the IT job market

The tech market is booming and that's good news for today's tech workers.

Can’t find all the tech people you need? The Blind Institute of Technology can help

The fledgling organization says there is a large untapped pool of talent waiting in the wings.

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Is your company culture driving woman away?

Women enter the IT workforce at about the same rate as men, but somewhere around the mid-career point, the number of women in IT plummets. Why? It's the culture, stupid.

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