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mob programming

Do you dojo? 5 tips for getting started with collaborative programming

Dojos, hackathons, pairs, and mobs. Oh my! Here’s how (and why) to get in on the collaborative programming trend.

linus torvalds

How bad a boss is Linus Torvalds?

It depends on context. In the world of software development, he’s what passes for normal. The question is whether that situation should be allowed to continue.

10 experts share their top IT leadership tips - intro title

10 experts share their top IT leadership tips

Industry pros offer a list of actionable management tips that will help you motivate, inspire and connect with your team.

HOLD - CW November COVER - puzzle solution destiny collision course cooperation teamwork

Why IT and Operations are on a collision course

Long autonomous, IT and operations are now forced to work together, spurred by increasingly complex digital devices that pose fearsome cybersecurity threats.

ted cruz outsourcing

Sen. Ted Cruz changes his tone on H-1Bs

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) established himself as a champion of the H-1B visa program two years ago. But his views may be changing now that he's running for president.

outsourcing employees ts

Fury and fear in Ohio as IT jobs go to India

The IT workers at Cengage Learning in the company's Mason, Ohio offices learned of their fates last month game-show style.


Five moves for every new CISO's playbook

CISOs are pulling up roots and moving to new companies at a rapid pace as demand grows for leaders with cyber and information security expertise and salaries skyrocket. Many seasoned infosec professionals are also joining the CISO...

businesswoman with an empty diagram business organization planning chart 000004791880

10 tips to meet your project planning goals

Project management is both an art and a science, requiring you to focus on and master numerous tasks. These 10 actionable tips will help you meet your goals and achieve success as a project manager.

01 breach

Are you ready to anticipate breach?

Leadership mindset is the key to success when it comes to handling breaches and better security.

more productivity tips

10 (more) ways to be productive at work

Staying productive and energized at work can be a challenge, but these 10 tips can help you stay at the top of your game and power through that to-do list.

project management skills

6 tips to identify project management red flags

Here's how to tell if you're headed for project management success or failure.

government spending ts

Federal IT outsourcing spend alarmingly poorly managed

The U.S. government is leaving billions of dollars on the table due to poorly managed and duplicative IT outsourcing deals, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.

Prep your tech

CSOs demanding more from cybersecurity tech

CSOs and CISOs are becoming more powerful, and their wielding that power to demand more from their technology vendors, to throw out underperforming tech, and to take more risks on new and innovative approaches

cloud analytics

CIOs turn to cloud-based analytics to manage IT asset costs

CIOs are struggling to calculate IT service costs for environments that have grown more complex from cloud services. However, they are finding answers in analytics software.

paul nickelsberg innovation unconference

Hiring good tech people: Where to start?

Tech industry employers ponder the question of how to hire good tech talent, and whether "good" is good enough.

T. rex dinosaur skeleton

4 management tips from Spiceworks’ cofounder

Building a tight-knit and productive team starts at the top. Spiceworks’ cofounder, Scott Abel, shares four management tips to foster transparency, trust and loyalty in your group.

contract ts

IT outsourcing buyer’s market creates promise and challenge

IT leaders are using their leverage to ink more flexible — and cheaper — contracts with service providers. But there is a catch.

downsized layoffs profit loss

In turnabout, SunTrust removes contentious severance clause

A controversial severance clause by SunTrust Banks requiring laid-off employees to be available to help without pay has been removed.

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