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IT learns to trumpet its contributions to the business

Under the leadership of CIO Kim Stevenson, Intel's IT team produces its own annual report, plus a mobile app full of multimedia content, to showcase tech plans and accomplishments.

Cloud migrations require big changes in IT staffing

These three CIOs have learned to weather the organizational and staffing changes caused by cloud computing.


When others suffer for your mistakes

What we geeks need to realize is that delivering a fix is insufficient.

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Lack of parental leave drives employee turnover

Not offering flexible family leave to employees may send your top talent heading for the door.

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6 ways to maximize your IT training budget

Customized, in-house training often zeros in on topics relevant to your business. However, it comes with an equally high price tag. If your employees simply need to fill in knowledge gaps or get up to speed with a specific software...

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When it comes to mobile, IT is out of touch

According to Appcelerator's latest report on mobile trends, IT isn't as in command as it thinks.

Exposing the source: 15 pieces of classic software whose code is now accessible

The source code behind proprietary software doesn’t always remain hidden forever. Here are a number of examples where the code behind well-known applications has come to light

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Feds set to destroy H-1B records

Records that are critical to research and take up a microscopic amount of storage are set for deletion.

Cyber insurance: Only fools rush in

Mega breaches at Fortune 100 firms have put the spotlight on the need of enterprises to manage cyber risk like never before. But experts say that the market for cyber insurance is still young and, when it comes to insuring against...

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Gamification helps utility companies change customer behavior

ComEd, National Grid and other utilities use analytics to get consumers to compete with neighbors and encourage whole towns to conserve -- and earn rewards.

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10 professional-development tips for programmers

Breaking through the glass ceiling as a developer requires more than great programming skills. It requires a commitment to self-improvement and lots of work in other work key areas. To help straighten the learning curve asked...

10 outlandish resume lies that can kill your job chances

In a recent CareerBuilder survey, HR and hiring managers were asked to identify the most ridiculous fabrications they have spotted on applicants' resumes. Here are 10 of the worst whoppers they have ever seen.

For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

IT salaries will remain mostly stagnant in 2015, except for workers with highly coveted skill sets, according to a report from IT staffing firm Modis.

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In pictures: Google exec secretly shatters Felix Baumgartner's skydiving altitude record

Move over, Felix Baumgartner. Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, rode a balloon more than 25 miles up, then cut the cord.

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5 tips for transforming enterprise IT towers into cloud services

With more cloud IT services in play, traditional IT has lost relevancy. Here are five tips for successfully transforming IT into a process-driven organization.

Are it certifications worth it?

IT Certifications: Discover where the value lies

The business value of technical certifications is higher than ever, as organizations fight for talent with proven skills and demonstrable acumen but choosing the right one is never an easy task.

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ITworld cartoons 2014: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

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7 wacky Google Street View vehicles

For Google, mapping the world's darkest corners means relying on some very odd Street View vehicles.

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