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linus torvalds

Linus Torvalds needs to fix the communication bug that is hurting his project

He created Linux and Git. Now we need Torvalds to create a best-of-breed communication style.

Linux: Sarah Sharp defines what makes a good community

In today's open source roundup: Sarah Sharp shares her thoughts about what makes a good community. Plus: Norbert Preining examines Sarah Sharp's crusade. And Linux redditors share their thoughts about the Sarah Sharp controversy.


Real Time Linux becomes a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

The foundation will now sponsor the work of long time maintainer Thomas Gleixner as a fellow.


Developer creates an open source glucose monitoring and tracking app he can trust

There is power in seeing the source code of the things your life relies on.

apple android

Android Wear vs Apple Watch: Which wins the wrist?

Will this Android Wear devotee find something to love in the Apple Watch?


A useful web development standard from an unlikely source - The US government

Ironic, I know. The same people that brought us the multi-million dollar cluster that was is turning a new leaf.

No fly zone

Why the software world needs a 'no-fly zone' for patents

Launched 10 years ago this fall, the OIN was formed by IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony to create a protected zone of patents around core Linux and open source software technologies -- functionality that's essential for global...

hp data center

HP goes after Cisco, Arista with open source OS

Allies with Broadcom, Intel and VMware on OpenSwitch NOS.

aws amazon web services

Amazon launches managed Elasticsearch service

Amazon announced a new service Thursday that's designed to make it easier to spin up and operate the popular Elasticsearch open-source search and analytics engine.

java in a cup

Insider: Oracle has lost interest in Java

New sources are stepping up questions about Oracle's stewardship of the Java platform.


Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 released

Mirantis remains one of the leading bug fixers of  OpenStack Kilo.

satya nadella sundar pichai

Microsoft ends patent disputes with Google

Can we safely assume that this, indeed, is a new Microsoft?

jim zemlin

Open source creates software worth billions of dollars

A Linux Foundation report estimates the total economic value of development costs of Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects to be around $5 billion.

Microsoft Linux

Microsoft launches its big data service running on Linux

Welcome to Satya Nadella's Microsoft. Gone are the days when Microsoft treated Linux like a cancer.


The Dutch government is determined to speed up ODF adoption

During the recent ODF Plugfest event, the Dutch govt. also announced plans to join the  OASIS ODF technical committee.

Enterprise software

Anaconda's Python-based analytics hit the enterprise with new subscription plans

Continuum Analytics' free Anaconda software has long been known for its Python-powered analytics capabilities, but on Monday the company unveiled a new offering designed specifically for enterprises.

big data warehouse center storage

Get ready to meet Kudu, a new, open-source storage engine from Cloudera

An open-source storage engine called Kudu could soon be on the way from Cloudera, offering a new alternative for companies with big data stores to manage.

Hadoop eats data analytics

Hadoop is slowly eating conventional analytics

The components of the Hadoop ecosystem won't overthrow Teredata or IBM Netezza any time soon, but ultimately, the commodity solution almost always wins.

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