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barbie creates systemd linux

Facebook's alternative PHP engine attracts Web service providers

HHVM is being used by the Box storage service and by one of the largest hosts for enterprise-ready WordPress

samsung 2014 smartphone lineup

Samsung will reduce the number of models in its Android phone lineup

In today's open source roundup: Samsung will reduce the number of smartphone models it offers. Plus: Mozilla dumps Google for Yahoo, and how to run Linux on Android devices.

purism librem linux laptop

Purism seeks funding for 15-inch free software Linux laptop

In today's open source roundup: Purism wants to sell a Linux laptop that runs only free software. Plus: The Jolla Linux tablet easily surpasses its $380,000 funding goal, and how well does Nvidia's open source driver perform while...

jolla tablet

Jolla pitches Sailfish tablet against fleet of Android products

The company plans to start shipping the tablet during the second quarter of next year.

Facebook's Flow could help JavaScript programmers spot elusive bugs

Flow offers much-needed static type checking for the JavaScrtipt language.

ubuntu switch to systemd

Canonical might switch to systemd in Ubuntu 15.04

In today's open source roundup: Ubuntu 15.04 might be the first version that uses systemd. Plus: The advantages and disadvantages of rolling release distributions, and eleven Linux games on sale on Steam this week.

C++ Java PHP .Net Python JavaScript code digital

Open source code contains fewer defects, but there's a catch

Research suggests that software developed using open source code contains fewer defects than that built with proprietary code. The catch is that open source code rarely benefits from security teams specifically tasked with looking for...

C++ Java PHP .Net Python JavaScript code digital

Microsoft: 'Nobody loves developers more than us'

At this week's TopCoder Open, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Matt Thompson made his pitch for the newer, gentler, more open Microsoft to the startups and independent developers in attendance.

systemd maintainer resigns after attacks

Debian systemd maintainer resigns after online attacks

In today's open source roundup: Systemd opponents force the resignation of a Debian maintainer. Plus: Linux Mint 17.1 MATE and Cinnamon release candidates available, and Space Hulk Ascension is out for Linux.

popcorn time torrent streaming application linux

Popcorn Time torrent streaming app updated to Beta 0.3.5

In today's open source roundup: The Popcorn Time torrent streaming application has been updated to Beta 0.3.5. Plus: Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition now available for Linux, and Canonical wants to phase out 32-bit ISOs.

microsoft open sources dotnet

Microsoft shocks the world by open sourcing .NET

In today's open source roundup: Microsoft open sources .NET for Linux and Mac. Plus: A comparison of three security distributions, and Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS is available for download.

Amazon promises a mightier MySQL with Aurora release

Aurora combines the high performance of commercial databases, with the familiarity of MySQL.

A fly using a walker

Superbugs: 10 software bugs that took way too long to meet their maker

All software has bugs, but even the most well known applications can have errors and vulnerabilities that somehow go undetected for years

Microsoft open sources .Net server stack

The company is building a version of .Net for Linux and Mac OS X.

groupon backs off gnome trademark

Groupon admits defeat in war over GNOME trademark

In today's open source roundup: Groupon backs off claims to the GNOME trademark. Plus: Nine of the best Linux distributions, and a proprietary Linux would have cost more than one trillion dollars.

Gnome Foundation charges Groupon with trademark hijacking, pleads for help

The open source organization needs to raise $80K to fund its legal fight.

groupon violates gnome foundation trademark

GNOME Foundation forced to defend its trademark against Groupon

In today's open source roundup: Groupon has launched a tablet product that violates the GNOME Foundation's registered trademark. Plus: Reviews of OpenMandriva 2014.1. And the successes, failures and new challenges of Mozilla's Firefox...

Gizmosphere focuses on graphics in open-source computer

The Gizmo 2 open-source computer has an AMD x86 CPU and GPU chipset and will sell for $199.

debian developer quits because of system d

More systemd drama as a long-time Debian developer quits

In today's open source roundup: Debian developer Joey Hess leaves the project after eighteen years. Plus: Is Linux gaming performance lagging behind Windows? And reviews of Ubuntu 14.10 seem to indicate that it's a mixed bag.

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