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finish line

YouTube for Android now supports 60 FPS video

In today's open source roundup: Android users can now view 60 FPS video on YouTube. Plus: Why Ubuntu is moving to Snappy for packages. And Linux Mint 17.2 released.

Amazon releases open source cryptographic module

The s2n module could serve as a leaner replacement for the OpenSSL TLS module

robin chase

Q&A: Zipcar founder Robin Chase on open source and the collaboration economy

Sharing is the "path of greatest value creation," says Chase.

Has Google become Microsoft?

In today's open source roundup: Google and Microsoft share some similarities. Plus: How to upgrade from Debian 7 to Debian 8. And Dropbox versus Google Drive.

desert cactus

Black Monday: SCOTUS refuses to hear Google vs Oracle case

While Google has to prepare a fair use defense, the rest of the software industry is in serious trouble.

rust metal

Rust 1.1 speeds compiling, adds new APIs

The new version is 32 percent faster in compilation time, while the version 1.2 beta supports Microsoft's Visual C.

IBM Power Systems GM: Big scale and big data demand OpenPower

According to the conventional wisdom, Power was another victim – along with SPARC and, to a lesser extent, ARM – of the inexorable march of the commodity x86 server. But IBM seems to have halted the Power architecture’s slide.

ASUS Chromebook Flip

First look: ASUS Chromebook Flip

If you are looking for an affordable tablet that can double as a laptop, Chromebook Flip is for you.


The best Ubuntu phone has the most convoluted purchasing scheme

Meizu's MX4 Ubuntu Edition approaches flagship phone status, but makes buyers jump through hoops to get one.

Windows versus Linux for businesses

In today's open source roundup: Is Linux a better bet for businesses? Plus: FOSS Force reviews Mageia 5. And the bestselling games on Steam for Linux.

LibreOffice logo

Can LibreOffice successfully compete with Microsoft Office?

A strategy that involves challenging the dominance of Microsoft Office seems doomed, but LibreOffice may have a puncher’s chance. Here’s what the open source longshot needs to compete.

DuckDuckGo blows past 10 million daily searches

In today's open source roundup: DuckDuckGo hits a new high in daily searches. Plus: Three Ubuntu Linux phones you can buy. And Microsoft Office is now available for Android.

containers 1

SUSE brings full support for Docker as Open Container Project launched

SUSE, one of the three major Open Source companies, has announced full support for Docker in production environments.


Red Hat, Samsung poised to take on Apple, IBM in enterprise mobile apps

Red Hat announces its Mobile Application Platform and a partnership with Android king, Samsung, to bring Open Source mobile apps to enterprise customers.

red hat summit 2015 1

Scenes from Red Hat Summit 2015

Here’s what Boston’s Hynes Convention Center looks like as we count down to kickoff for Red Hat Summit 2015.

train hauling coal coal overland transportation energy dv255003

Eclipse's latest release train carries Docker, Java technologies

The foundation's annual bulk release of technologies features Docker tools and Java IDE improvements.

retro open for business sign on orange background

Facebook open-sources IDE based on GitHub Atom

Inside Facebook, developers created an IDE built around GitHub's highly popular Atom text editor -- and now they've made it freely available.

moto 360 bw 1

Moto 360 gets Android Wear 5.1 update

I love my Moto 360 and the 5.1 update has given me almost everything that I wanted from the watch.

containers vs virtual machines

Standards are coming for containers

A group of leading tech vendors has joined the Open Container Project to create a standard container format.

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