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Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 released

Mirantis remains one of the leading bug fixers of  OpenStack Kilo.

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Microsoft ends patent disputes with Google

Can we safely assume that this, indeed, is a new Microsoft?

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Open source creates software worth billions of dollars

A Linux Foundation report estimates the total economic value of development costs of Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects to be around $5 billion.

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Microsoft launches its big data service running on Linux

Welcome to Satya Nadella's Microsoft. Gone are the days when Microsoft treated Linux like a cancer.


The Dutch government is determined to speed up ODF adoption

During the recent ODF Plugfest event, the Dutch govt. also announced plans to join the  OASIS ODF technical committee.

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Anaconda's Python-based analytics hit the enterprise with new subscription plans

Continuum Analytics' free Anaconda software has long been known for its Python-powered analytics capabilities, but on Monday the company unveiled a new offering designed specifically for enterprises.

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Get ready to meet Kudu, a new, open-source storage engine from Cloudera

An open-source storage engine called Kudu could soon be on the way from Cloudera, offering a new alternative for companies with big data stores to manage.


Nginx Web server goes dynamic, adds monitoring

Nginx users can finally modify servers, and the new Amplify service will let them monitor vital statistics, complete with alerts

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A sea change in HTTPS web encryption is coming and it's free

Things are moving fast with HTTPS improvements lately. The goal of HTTPS everywhere is about to make a huge leap forward.

Mac OS X Software Defined Radio

How to get started with Software Defined Radio on Mac OS X

Explore the exciting world of Software Defined Radio (SDR) on Mac OS X.


The challenges of IT reform using open source software

Doug Cutting, the Chief Architect at Cloudera walks us through the challenges of IT reform, the fear of open source software, and how Cloudera fits in.


GitLab one-ups GitHub with open source enterprise code hosting

GitLab is targeting the enterprise, but will its open source allure be enough to win developers away from GitHub?

Why is open source software more secure?

In today's open source roundup: A redditor wants to know why open source software is more secure. Plus: Mozilla releases Firefox 41. And Fedora 23 beta released.

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Box, LinkedIn and WhatsApp share open source advice

Open-source code powers many of today's most popular apps and platforms, and it's critical for companies to choose the appropriate frameworks for their specific needs, but other equally important factors also exist, according to...

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Rating programming languages – Swift is hot, Dart is not

A few programming languages are on the rise, but not always the ones you might have guessed.

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Q&A: Italo Vignoli on the Italian Ministry of Defense's move to LibreOffice

LibreOffice continues its march across Europe.

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Microsoft has built a Linux-based operating system

Don't get too excited; it's not going to power the next Windows....

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What CIOs can learn from Facebook's use of open source

Facebook detailed its philosophy on open source at the company's annual @Scale developer conference. The company’s head of open source also shared some related advice for IT professionals.

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