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Why Chromebooks are better than iPads

In today's open source roundup: Why Chromebooks are a better option than iPads. Plus: The top five Chromebooks at Amazon. And Chromebooks give iPads a run for their money in education.

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Some exciting Chromebook improvements you'll soon see

These are some of the new features and improvements currently being tested in the experimental channels of Chrome OS.

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Former Apple CEO launches stylish Android phones

This story is the epitome of why I love open source: Anyone can take anything from it and build on top of it. And that's exactly what former CEO of Apple John Sculley is doing through his Obi Worldphone.

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Technology, the law and you: Open-source software

With one real exception, organizations shouldn’t have any legal issues to worry about when opting for open-source.

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KDE's Plasma 5.4: The most advanced and beautiful Linux desktop

Plasma 5.4 brings some much-awaited improvements to the KDE desktop environment.

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Eclipse seeks donations for open source development

Funding for development work on the Eclipse IDE and other projects will come from individuals and corporate users.

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The best open source reporting tools

Pentaho edges JasperReports and Eclipse BIRT is test of open source options for creating reports.

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Facebook open-sources Hack code generator

Hack Codegen creates code for Facebook's PHP spinoff.

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Happy 24th birthday Linux!

Over the last 24 years, Linux has become the largest shared technology on earth and has popularized a revolution called open source, which is changing our world in more ways than we can imagine.


OpenStack company Mirantis grabs $100 million investment

A collaboration with Intel brings in Goldman Sachs as new investor.

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13 firms join to open up Ethernet, object-storage to everyone

The Linux Foundation has announced a collaborative of 13 industry-leading companies in support of open source object storage on next generation, Ethernet-enabled storage devices.

Linux Tux

Former Google engineer revs up a new Linux filesystem

An ex-Googler is writing a file system, Bcachefs, to match the speed of traditional Linux file systems with the advanced scalability and reliability of newer file systems.

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Linus Torvalds: Security is never going to be perfect

Linus Torvalds made a surprise appearance at LinuxCon and talked about containers, security, and IoT, among other topics.

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Jim Zemlin: I would love to take Linus Torvalds to space

I sat down with Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, in a video interview to discuss efforts the foundation is involved with.

How to install Linux on a Chromebook

In today's open source roundup: Run Linux on your Chromebook. Plus: Team Fortress 2 for Linux gets an update on Steam. And Samsung dumps Google+ in the Galaxy Note 5.

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As cybersecurity becomes a priority, Google launches smart router OnHub

Your router is the first device that stands between you and the Wild Wide Web. Do you know when it got a security update? Probably never.


LinuxCon exclusive: Mark Shuttleworth says Snappy was born long before CoreOS and the Atomic Project

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, made a surprise visit at LinuxCon. I sat down with him for a video interview and talked about Ubuntu on IBM’s new LinuxONE systems, Canonical’s plans for containers, open source in...

Another serious vulnerability found in Android's media processing service

The Android service that processes multimedia files has been the source of several vulnerabilities recently, including a new one that could give rogue applications access to sensitive permissions.

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