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pclinuxos 2014.12 released
linux bloat

Firefox fundraiser

Mozilla: We're not asking for donations because we're poor

Mozilla last week denied that there was a connection between flat search revenue in 2013 and recent fundraising efforts that have asked Firefox users to donate to the nonprofit.

samsung z1

Leak indicates that Samsung's first Tizen smartphone will debut in January 2015

The Samsung Z1 is a low-end phone that the company likely hopes will make an impact in emerging markets.

north korea linux redstar os looks like mac osx

North Korea Linux now resembles Apple's OS X for Macs

In today's open source roundup: North Korea Linux moves toward a Mac-like interface. Plus: Alternatives to the Pirate Bay for torrenting, and Firefox OS now available in 28 countries.

server racks airconditioned room 153686889

How-to: Get started with Nginx

Follow these steps to install Nginx on Linux and configure PHP support, virtual hosts, HTTP authentication, SSL support, URL rewrites, and load balancing

linux enterprise

CentOS 7: The perfect gift for the Linux do-it-yourselfer

It’s almost identical to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, minus the price tag and the support.

parsix 7.0 review

Parsix GNU/Linux 7.0 review

In today's open source roundup: DistroWatch reviews Parsix GNU/Linux 7.0. Plus: The importance of mentors in open source, and WordPress 4.1 has been released.

MySQL and MariaDB

How to configure MySQL and MariaDB to accept remote connections

Do you have problems accessing a MySQL or MariaDB Linux server on your local network? If so, you may need to change a few settings and files.

is linux distrohopping on the decline

A declining number of Linux distros might be killing distrohopping

In today's open source roundup: Distrohopping and the declining number of Linux distributions. Plus: The Register reviews Fedora 21, and Civilization: Beyond Earth launches tomorrow for Linux.

Chris DiBona

Google delivers an early Christmas gift: Google Drive support for ODF

Google, in a surprise move, today announced support for ODF (Open Document Format) in its products.

fedora 21 software menu

Fedora 21 reviews roundup

In today's open source roundup: The reviews are in for Fedora 21. Plus: The Distance racing game for Linux, and the SuperTuxKart 0.8.2 beta has been released.

Google's surprise: ODF support launches ahead of schedule

Months earlier than predicted by Google's head of open source, Google today announced support for the international OpenDocument Format in its Google Drive suite of apps.

linux predictions for 2015

What will happen to Linux in 2015?

In today's open source roundup: The first predictions about Linux and 2015 are in. Plus: Audio editing applications for Linux, and the Linux Foundation's holiday membership drive has begun.

google chromecast beats streaming media competitors

Google's Chromecast still dominates streaming media

In today's open source roundup: The Chromecast still tops the streaming media sales charts. Plus: What is the Linux community doing wrong? And how to sync your Android device with your Linux desktop.

halo waypoint

Microsoft to open-source cloud framework behind Halo 4 services

The distributed computing research project known as Project Orleans will be available in early 2015.

121114 linux malware 1

A brief history of Linux malware

A look at some of the worms and viruses and Trojans that have plagued Linux throughout the years.

free hulu for android users for holidays

Android users get free access to Hulu for the holidays

In today's open source roundup: Hulu welcomes Android users with free holiday access. Plus: Amazon forced to pull its shopping app from the Google Play store, and the best way to partition a Linux system?

best linux desktop of 2014 linux mint 17.1

Linux Mint 17.1 and the question of the "best" Linux desktop

In today's open source roundup: Linux Mint 17.1 might be the best desktop distribution this year...or not. Plus: GNOME or KDE in Fedora 21? And Windows 10 users crave features that are already available in Linux.

itworld fedora1

First Look: Fedora 21 has something for everyone

Fedora 21 is a must-try distro for not only Gnome fans but also for anyone interested in a serious Linux distribution.

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