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Peppermint OS Six released

In today's open source roundup: Download Peppermint OS Six. Plus: Cinnamon 2.6 has been released. And XCOM 2 is coming to Linux in November.

BQ announces second Ubuntu phone and plans to build PC-smartphone combo

The Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition will cost $220 when it starts shipping in Europe later this month.

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How to keep governments from over-regulating Bitcoin

M.I.T. Media Lab director Joi Ito explained during a recent Reddit AMA how best to prevent governments from meddling too much with digital currencies.

Did Slashdot bury negative stories about SourceForge?

In today's open source roundup: The controversy blazing around SourceForge has now singed Slashdot. Plus: The next Nintendo console might run Android. And the Ubuntu Community Council searches for $143,000 in donations.

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Microsoft throws open the doors for Cloud Foundry on Azure

The first public preview of support for Cloud Foundry on Azure is available now, with support for the on-prem version of Azure to come later.

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Why enterprises embrace open source

Advice for anyone considering open source enterprise solutions.

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Do you need a smartwatch? The wrong answer is no!

Once you start using a smartwatch you will discover all the things you never needed.

sftp automation

How to automate SFTP file transfers in Microsoft Windows

Find out how to script and automate SFTP file transfers in Windows.

Chromebook Pixel LS review

In today's open source roundup: Read a review of the Chromebook Pixel LS. Plus: Firefox 39 will help protect users from downloads malware. And Debian Jessie 8.1 to be released June 6th.

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SourceForge 'hijacks' GIMP, wraps it inside ads

GIMP is not the only project that has abandoned SourceForge, many other major projects have also distanced themselves from the site.

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Good luck with the new mobile strategy, Mozilla

Mozilla's decision to recast its mobile strategy won't matter, analysts said today: The open-source developer won't find any more success with a new plan than it did with the old.

Is SourceForge hijacking project accounts?

In today's open source roundup: Did SourceForge hijack The GIMP's project account? Plus: Valve enmeshed in Tux logo drama. And SwiftKey for Android updated

Early OpenStack contributor says cloud project has “lost its heart”

Joshua McKenty helped start OpenStack, now after leaving his startup company based on the open source IaaS cloud computing project, he says it has "lost its heart."

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Superbugs: 11 software bugs that took way too long to meet their maker

All software has bugs, but even the most well known applications can have errors and vulnerabilities that somehow go undetected for years - or decades.

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Mandriva goes under as Canonical considers IPO

The same year Canonical expresses plans to go public, Mandriva is being liquidated.

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11 pointless but awesome Linux terminal tricks

Here are some great Linux terminal tips and tricks, each one as pointless as it is awesome.

Fedora 22 released

In today's open source roundup: Download Fedora 22. Plus: DistroWatch reviews Kubuntu 15.04. And Minecraft for Android will get a customization update.

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Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Community Council ask Kubuntu developer to step down as leader

Friction between the lead Kubuntu developer Jonathan Riddell and Ubuntu reached extreme temperatures on Monday when the Ubuntu Community Council (UCC) asked Riddell to step down from the position of Kubuntu Leader.

fedora 22

Fedora 22: First impressions

The latest release of one of the most reputable Linux distributions is here!

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The best Linux-powered smartwatches you can buy today

These 5 Linux-powered watches give the Apple Watch some stiff competition.

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