OpenFlow news and analysis for IT professionals

NSA uses OpenFlow for tracking... its network

Spy agency uses SDN to keep tabs on IT inventory, simplify operations.

OpenFlow supports IPv6 flows

Software Defined Networking systems are gaining IPv6 capabilities.

NEC scales OpenFlow SDNs

NEC this week rolled out a new version of its SDN software that includes an OpenFlow-based method for interconnecting data centers.

Broadcom hopes to help OpenFlow take off with new chip integration

Chip maker Broadcom has announced a new specification along with software and APIs to improve the performance of OpenFlow switches and to make it easier for hardware vendors to build products.

Brocade seeks SDN edge with early OpenFlow 1.3 support

Brocade this week announced broad support for OpenFlow 1.3 across its IP product line to extend SDNs beyond research and academia and into commercial and enterprise networks.

IT shops share OpenFlow, SDN best practices

Two users are putting OpenFlow and software-defined networks through their paces in projects of varied urgency.

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