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Apple may rebrand OS X as 'MacOS' this summer

Apple may be preparing to rebrand its OS X operating system as MacOS.


Microsoft's 'blue screen of death' is getting more descriptive with QR codes

A new blue screen of death shows that Microsoft's crashes may be getting a bit more informative.


CIOs need to avoid a mistaken path to DevOps

Fundamental operational changes required for DevOps.

mesosphere tobi knaup florian leibert

Microsoft and HPE throw their weight behind Mesosphere

Mesosphere made its mark early with large companies like Twitter and Netflix, and on Thursday the company got a fresh boost from two more tech giants: Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Samsung is developing a new OS for the Internet of Things

Samsung is developing a new open-source OS for IoT devices, and hopes it will find a place in the millions of smart devices, home appliances, wearables and industrial equipment coming online.

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Apple patches 56 vulnerabilities in OS X El Capitan, improves Live Photo sharing

Other El Capitan modifications fixed compatibility problems between the operating system and Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client, and improved the reliability of connecting a Mac to the Internet using the iPhone's Personal Hotspot tool.

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Siri will soon let you dictate your passwords on Apple TV

Apple TV users who are tired of typing out usernames and passwords will soon be able to tell them to Siri.

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Windows 10's Edge browser finally gets add-ons

The extensions include Translator, an extension that automatically translates pages in over 50 different languages, a Mouse Gestures extension and an early preview version of the Reddit Enhancement Suite.


Mingis On Tech: Apple events, iPads and smartphones, oh my!

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis talks with Computerworld reviewer (and Apple expert) Michael deAgonia and Senior Editor Keith Shaw about Apple's March 21 event and the trials and tribulations of smartphone ownership.

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Microsoft goes after pirates who allegedly activated 'thousands of copies' of Windows, Office

The keys used to activate the software had been stolen from the company's supply chain, used more times than legal, were actually keys assigned to someone else or were activated outside the geographic region they were intended for.

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Having your way with rsync

With the right group of options, you can get rsync to do just what you want and nothing more

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New Windows 10 beta brings Cortana to new countries

Microsoft is bringing its virtual assistant Cortana to Brazil, Mexico, and French-speaking Canadians with a major update to the Windows 10 beta on Friday.

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New beta build of Windows 10 offers Edge, Cortana improvements

After a long wait, Microsoft is giving Windows Insiders some major new features to play around with, after spending the past couple months making backend improvements to its mobile operating system.

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US Department of Defense will put Windows 10 on 4 million computers

In a major move, the U.S. Department of Defense is going to standardize approximately 4 million devices on Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system

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Microsoft lets cautious users try more of Windows 10’s leading edge

Microsoft is adding a Release Preview ring to its beta program, letting users get an early glimpse of what's coming to their PC while retaining stability.

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Windows Server 2016 could cost you more than you think

A few years back Microsoft switched from per-processor to per-core licensing in SQL Server, and now it's about to do the same thing with Windows Server 2016. You may not be thrilled with the results.

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Microsoft releases its first Windows 10 beta build of the year

Members of the Windows Insider Program got their first new beta build of Microsoft's operating system for 2016, and it's a snoozer when it comes to user-facing features.

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What's ahead for Windows 10: Needed upgrades, forced updates

Windows 10 was the biggest news story out of Microsoft in 2015, and looking forward to the coming year, it’s slated to continue as one of the pillars of the company’s business. Here's what to expect.

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