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A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10
A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

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In Sailfish struggles, a cautionary tale for alternative mobile OSes

With Android and iOS dominating the mobile OS market, it's tough going for alternatives like Sailfish, now in survival mode as its maker, Jolla, moves to lay off "a big part" of its personnel.


The Linux Foundation announces OpenHPC Collaborative Project

The OpenHPC project will provide a new, open source framework for high performance computing environments.

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10 offbeat, odd, and downright weird places you'll find Linux

Why worry about the desktop when you've conquered everything else?

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft goes all-out for enterprise with its latest Windows 10 update

Microsoft released its first major Windows 10 update on Thursday, and it includes a bunch of features aimed at improving the operating system for business users.

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8 things to do after installing openSUSE Leap 42.1

You've installed openSUSE on your PC. Here's what to do next.

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7 things you should know about openSUSE Leap

Leap is to SUSE what CentOS is to Red Hat and Ubuntu is to Canonical…

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What can you do when you can't chmod chmod?

If you couldn't use the chmod command because it had somehow lost execute permission, what would you do to fix the problem? The many ways that you could go about restoring execute permissions to chmod might just give you some new...

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

New Windows 10 beta build is all about bug fixes

Microsoft on Thursday launched another beta build of Windows 10 to public testers that's crammed full of bug fixes and performance improvements.

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8 facts that explain Google's complex situation with Chrome OS

This explainer puts Android and the Chrome OS into perspective and shows why these Linux derivatives will both come together and remain separate.

Is Chrome OS Right For You?

Chrome OS is here to stay, Google blog emphatically states

Google further clarified its position on the future of the Chrome and Android operating systems on Monday, saying Google is bringing together the best of both but has no plans to phase out the Chrome OS.

Cavium ThunderX 64-bit ARM processors

FreeBSD comes to 64-bit ARM

FreeBSD follows Linux to ARM servers


Merging Chrome OS into Android is good for desktop Linux

The year of desktop Linux could be as close as 2017

Microsoft targets Apple with Surface Book launch [2015]

With Surface Book, Microsoft targets Apple -- and OEMs

With the Surface Book launch, Microsoft may be eyeing Apple’s share of the hardware market while seeking a way to keep Windows afloat in case its OEM partners give up on its flagship operating system.

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5 dead operating systems, and what their ghosts can tell us

We conduct a séance of sorts to call forth the souls of operating systems past—not so we can gaze upon their ghastly interfaces, but to learn from their tragic demises. What happened to OS/2? Why won't Windows XP users give up? Find...

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New beta build of Windows 10 enhances Microsoft Edge

As part of a massive suite of Windows 10 news on Thursday, Microsoft rolled out a new beta version of its PC and tablet operating system to members of the Windows Insider Program.

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft to users: You'll download Windows 10, and you'll like it

Microsoft really wants people to get on the Windows 10 bandwagon, so much so that the company plans to start automatically downloading its new operating system to some users' computers next year.

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Linux-based Samsung Z3 smartphone launches in India

The Tizen-powered phone has some additional features for the Indian market.

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Meet the Ubuntu family

There are 9 officially recognized members of the Ubuntu family.

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