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Canonical celebrates cloud freedoms with new Ubuntu

The newest version of Ubuntu Linux comes with Cloud Foundry and the latest version of Docker.

Apple Pay fail

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OS X Yosemite tips and tricks you need to know

Some tips to get the most out of Apple’s new operating system.

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Quick Look: Ubuntu 14.10

The latest release of Ubuntu focuses on application updates, maintenance and stability enhancements.

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Yosemite's 4 most annoying quirks. Fixed!

Yosemite isn't all Handoff rainbows and Continuity cupcakes. If parts of it are making you grumpy, here's how to set them (and the universe) right again.

Complaints mount about Yosemite crippling Wi-Fi

There has been a steady stream of reports from users whose Wi-Fi connections were affected after installing the latest version of Mac OS X.

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Bottom line: Should you upgrade to OS X Yosemite?

If you’re the kind of person who is suspicious of cloud computing or simply want each device to exclusively own the data on it, Yosemite may not be for you.

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Ubuntu turns 10: A look back at desktop Linux standard bearer

A brief history of Ubuntu, as alliterative as all-get-out.

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The best new features in OS X Yosemite

Look for these cool capabilities in the Mac's newest OS.

Apple opens bridges between OSes with launch of Yosemite, iOS 8.1

Version 8.1 of iOS is due Monday with fixes to iOS 8 bugs.

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Which Macs can run OS X Yosemite?

Yosemite has launched! Check your Mac to see if you're eligible to upgrade.

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Yosemite deep-dive review: OS X 10.10 gets ready for the big time

For the first time since 2000, Apple has offered a public beta of its new OS. Here’s what's new and what's cool.

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Quick look: PC-BSD 10.0.3

PC-BSD 10.0.3 offers a FreeBSD based alternative to desktop Linux distributions.

KDE Plasma used to produce The Desolation of Smaug movie

In today's open source roundup: Animators used KDE Plasma in the production of last year's hobbit movie. Plus: Testing rolling-release distributions for reliability, and a review of Cylon Linux 12.04.1

Microsoft hesitates to trumpet Windows 10; fears consumers will delay PC purchases

Microsoft has focused on how businesses will benefit from its next operating system, Windows 10, not only because corporate customers are its bread and butter, but to prevent consumers from balking at buying new PCs, an analyst said...

Unix: Expiring passwords with chage

The chage command allows you to easily expire user passwords, but how it works depends in part on how your accounts are set up to begin with.

Free at last: After Windows 10, consumers won't pay for updates or upgrades

Microsoft will have no choice but to give consumers free Windows upgrades once it launches Windows 10 and kicks off its fast-fast-fast tempo, an analyst asserted.

Windows 10 Technical Preview deep-dive: A promise of better things to come

Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview offers a first glimpse of the future of its operating system. Our reviewer takes a close look and thinks the upcoming OS could work.

Patch Tuesday: Windows, Internet Explorer need critical patches

Microsoft browser needs the most urgent patching on an otherwise light Patch Tuesday.

Steam for Linux tops 700 games as big-name games increasingly call it home

Steam for Linux doesn't show any signs of fizzling out.

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