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Are wearables wearing thin?

Hulu rolls out $12/month ad-free service. Is it a good deal?

Technically a handful of shows will still have pre- and post-episode ads, but for the most part those repetitive Hulu ads go away for another $4/month.

Microsoft offering Xbox One bundle that features hybrid drive and $150 controller

Is this the best deal for this holiday season? Not for most potential customers.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime just got both better and worse

Good news and bad news for Amazon Prime members: Offline video streaming, but more limited 2-day delivery areas


Shadow BYOD runs rampant in federal government

A new survey highlights the extent to which government employees insist on bringing their own devices to work, despite rules to the contrary.

More Apple TV rumors: price could be as high as $200!

Also, Sept 9th event confirmed and Windows (10) users will finally be able to stream the event.

chrome flash

Good news: Google Chome will no longer automatically run Flash ads

Finally, Flash content will only run in your browser when you want to see it

7 cloud services that make great gifts

Not every great present comes wrapped in a box. These cloud-based gift ideas for the digital denizen in your life will add a little premium-level pizzazz to the party.

siri hint 090915 01

Apple Sept. 9 event: We asked Siri to give us a hint. The answers will amuse you

Siri can get quite sassy at times.

android m

7 Android Marshmallow features Google 'borrowed' from iOS

Google's latest Android update includes a bunch of "new" features that iOS users have been enjoying for years.

radeon nano fiji gpu

From AMD Nano to Skylake, 11 reasons why August was awesome for hardware

It's been a great summer to be a PC hardware enthusiast. Here's everything August brought, from AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and even Google.

Chrome for Android

12 time-saving tips for the Chrome Android browser

Become a mobile browsing pro with these little-known tips for Google's Chrome browser for Android.

01 galaxy s6 edge2

Review: 6 things to know about the Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung's latest curved-screen smartphone, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, looks great -- but does that necessarily make it a better device?


High-tech vehicle systems get short shrift by many drivers

A new report from JD Power shows that many high tech innovations added to vehicles, such as mobile routers and automated parking, aren't being used by drivers.

New version of Xbox One's NFL app launches, promises enhanced stats and more

Unfortunately you can't watch NFL Game Pass on it. At least not yet.

google maps location history

What you need to know about your location history timeline

Here's what you can do with Google's saved location information, why it's worth holding onto, or how to get rid of it for good.

Apple 9/9 invite

Apple slates Sept. 9 for this year's iPhone intro

As expected, Apple will hold this year's iPhone unveiling on Wednesday, Sept. 9.


Power-user tips for the Chrome Android browser

Computerworld's JR Raphael demonstrates five time-saving tips for Google's Chrome browser on an Android device.

samsung galaxy s6 edge note 5

Samsung's choice: Blingy Galaxy S6 Edge+ or fatally flawed Note 5

The phablet follow-ups to the high-quality Galaxy S6 lineup fall short where they shouldn't.

16 must-have Android productivity apps

16 must-have Android productivity apps

From basic business tasks to advanced automation, these 16 apps will make your Android device more useful than ever.

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