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Sony launches crowdfunding site, e-paper remote control

First Flight is a platform designed to take in-house ideas from the planning stage to initial sales

Xiaomi break outs of Asia, introduces phones to Brazil

Xiaomi is tapping Foxconn to build its phones in a local factory to reduce costs

Why isn't anyone talking about the botched Apple Music launch?

Apple Music launched earlier today for folks using an iOS device. Other platforms, like Mac and Windows users, didn't get the required iTunes updates to use the service.


The best Android phones you can buy today

Picking an Android phone is hard, but we can help. These are the best phones; the ones you should consider bringing home.

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Verizon shines in extensive U.S. wireless speed tests

All four major U.S. carriers improved the speeds of their wireless networks during the past year, and while Sprint made the most gains, Verizon came out with the fastest average downloads nationwide.

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Workarounds, kludges, and hacks that will improve your life

Whether you want to lower your cell phone bill or find true love, there's usually a way around your problems

Huawei's Honor brand strives to become global

Huawei announced two new products for its Honor brand


The Best Android phones you can buy today

Picking an Android phone is hard, but we can help.

Hands on with Gamefly Streaming

If you've got an Amazon Fire TV, a controller, and a broadband Internet connection you can now play console-quality games for less than $10/month. But how well does it work?

Which songs stumped Shakira? Shazam will now show you

An updated version of the app will show artists' searches to users

Microsoft adds midrange Surface Pro 3 with i7 chip, 128GB storage

The new model is built for people who want more speed and don't mind less storage

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LTE-U is coming to take your Wi-Fi away, consumer advocates warn

A carrier technology that uses Wi-Fi frequencies to provide LTE connectivity could let the big wireless providers mess with your home connection and push you on to their networks, according to comments filed today with the FCC by...

programming language flowchart

Find the right programming language to learn first with this Lord of the Rings-themed flowchart

The best programming language for you depends on your goals

Battle brewing as payments move from wallet to wrist

Brits will soon be able to buy a $40 wristband to make contactless payments

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Nest Cam first look: Privacy problems and deal-breaking delays

I am a huge fan of the Nest Thermostat, but Nest Cam doesn't measure up.


Here's where to go on the Web to "ask the nearest hippie" about gay marriage

Justice's Antonin Scalia's dissent against the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of gay marriage includes the weird request to "Ask the nearest hippie" about marriage. Don't have a hippie close at hand? I've rounded up plenty of places...

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How to set up iCloud Family Sharing on a Mac

Family Sharing gives your family access to purchases in iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store.

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The 5 best Android and iOS apps of summer 2015

These five Android and iOS apps, for creating compelling media, scanning and digitizing documents, exercise and more, are all must-haves for the summer season.

ASUS Chromebook Flip

First look: ASUS Chromebook Flip

If you are looking for an affordable tablet that can double as a laptop, Chromebook Flip is for you.

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, June 26

Self-driving cars face off on California road... Satya Nadella has a new mission (statement)... Uber protests get real in France

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