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The 10 Mac games you need to play from September 2015

Scares, storytelling, and a sweaty clown: Another great bunch of new releases to peruse.

iphone 6s live photos

How to get started with 3D Touch, Live Photos, and 4K Video on the iPhone 6s

Now that we've had a chance to play with the iPhone 6s, here's a quick rundown of how to use its best new features.

Verizon's ad-supported Go90 mobile video service launches

This feels like a service designed for young people by old people.

google vs cortana vs hound

Android virtual assistant showdown: Google Now vs. Cortana vs. Hound

We asked the top three digital helpers 100 questions to gauge how useful they are with everyday tasks and more complicated search queries.

amazon ban

Amazon won’t sell Apple TV and Chromecast hardware, bans marketplace partners from selling them, too

Anti-competitive tactic or smart customer-service strategy? It’s probably a little of both.

Nvidia GRID game streaming service exits beta, rebranded as GeForce Now

It's available for Shield owners starting today for $7.99/month and there's a 3 month trial to whet your appetite.

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Google's goodies: The 9 biggest reveals from its fall hardware rollout

Google rolled out a trove of new devices at a September 29 press event, from the expected, like new Nexus phones, to confirmed rumors, like the high-end Pixel C tablet. We give you the highlights here.

Google Chromecast 2.0

Google announces improved Chromecast 2.0, new Chromecast Audio

New hardware, same low price of $35. What's not to love?

pixel devices

Google's new Android tablet is called Pixel C, and it's disappointing

These are not the Droids I was looking for...


Skype adds support for Android Wear in version 6.4 update

You can now draw emojis on your watch screen to lighten up the conversation.

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Android 6.0 heading to Nexus devices 'next week'

Android 6.0 is headed to Nexus devices the week of Oct. 5. fires back at YouTube Gaming

Last weekend at TwitchCon announced new apps for Playstation consoles, a system that allows uploading of clips, and the eventual abolishment of Flash!

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Hunt for your next job in secrecy with an anonymous job matchmaking service

Anthology (formerly Poachable) is a free matchmaking service for job seekers and employers

amazon prime deal

Amazon Prime is just $67 for new members during a one-day sale

That's about a third off of a pretty valuable service

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7 best podcasts for tech enthusiasts

Check out these top technology podcasts that explore the digital world you live in an entertaining and educational fashion.

ifixit iphone 6s

iPhone 6s teardown reveals a smaller battery and heavier display

The iFixit team also figured out how the new iPhones' cameras are so spectacular.

iPhone 6s and 6s plus

At Sprint and T-Mobile, you can get an iPhone 6S for $5 a month (or less)

Starting Friday, Sprint's in-store customers will be able to lease an iPhone 6S with 16GB of storage for $1 a month.

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The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on sale today

Missed the iPhone preorder? Head over to your local Apple Store or carrier shop—the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hits shelves today.

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