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When is private cloud cheaper than public cloud?

Private cloud vendors say they know, analysts say it’s not that easy.

Inside the NSA's private cloud

National Security Agency is building its private cloud on commodity hardware, opens source software

Build your own private cloud

Borrowing from public cloud architecture and technologies, the private cloud weaves a new management layer around virtualized data center systems.

Enterprises increasingly look to the private cloud

Companies interested in moving to cloud computing are increasingly choosing a private cloud for the increased security and, often, compliance features instead of the public cloud, according to a recent survey.

Armed with new CEO, Joyent rolls out a private cloud

IaaS cloud provider Joyen has pivoted to offer a private cloud management software and has cherry-picked a Cisco cloud executive to lead it

OpenStack 101: The parts that make up the project

At its core, OpenStack is an operating system that builds public or private clouds. But OpenStack is a platform, it's not just one piece of software that's downloaded and installed to "voila!" build a cloud.

HP looks to ease enterprise IT cloud fears

Private cloud offering will give enterprises control of cloud data and security; and includes open source OpenStack tech.

Coca Cola jumps on IBM's private cloud

IBM has won a five-year contract to manage Coca Cola Amatil's (CCA) mission-critical SAP infrastructure on its private Cloud hosted in its Sydney datacenter.

5 things to consider when weighing public cloud against private cloud

Private clouds address a prevalent set of challenges and issues that public clouds cannot and can help smooth cloud adoption.

HP private cloud service leads the pack, followed by Cisco and Microsoft, Forrester says

Enterprises are expected to significantly ramp up their pursuit of internal private clouds within the next year and HP, Cisco and Microsoft have the strongest product offerings for those deployments, according to a new Wave report by...

Dell updates private cloud to become PCI compliant

Looking to solidify its refocused efforts on private cloud platforms, Dell today rolled out new features to improve security and manageability of its offerings.

Using private clouds for all the right reasons

Here's why some customers are adopting the technology -- and what they're doing.

What the CIA private cloud really says about Amazon Web Services

When the CIA opted to have Amazon build its private cloud, even though IBM could do it for less money, a tech soap opera ensued. Lost amid the drama, though, is a perfectly reasonable explanation why Amazon Web Services makes sense...

Hey Amazon: Where's your private cloud?

The public cloud computing market is becoming increasingly competitive with new entrants focusing on hybrid offerings that combine public and private clouds. That's leaving some asking the market-leading public cloud provider, Amazon...

Startup touts private cloud as a service

You can buy pretty much anything in IT today "as a service," and now it's come to this: 2011 startup company named Metacloud claims to be one of the first to offer a cloud-based service of cloud computing resources.

IBM: Hey CIA, why let Amazon build you a private cloud?

Amazon pulled off a coup a few months back, reportedly securing a $600 million contract to build a cloud for the CIA.

How to build a private cloud

A private cloud looks and acts like a public cloud, giving your corporation all the speed, agility and cost savings promised by cloud technology, only it's single tenant and that tenant is you, right? Well, that's the goal, but it's...

Hybrid public-private cloud usage more widespread than you think

Forrester cloud expert says many times IT isn't aware that public cloud resources are accessing information behind the company's firewall, leading to potential security and performance issues.

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