Microsoft SharePoint news, analysis, and case studies

Salesforce connects SharePoint files to its cloud with new tool

Salesforce Files Connect is a new solution from Salesforce that lets users index, search and share your SharePoint Online and on-premise files in one place.

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Salesforce and Microsoft partnership gains some steam

The vendors have revealed general delivery dates for integrations between their platforms.

Solidifying Microsoft Azure security for SharePoint and SQL in the cloud

Best Practices to ensure data stored in SQL and SharePoint are protected when stored up in Microsoft Azure in the cloud.

How to run your business without Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft left many companies' IT strategies in tatters last year when it announced it was abandoning Small Business Server. To replace it, firms can either follow Microsoft's advice or look at alternatives such as Google Apps and...

Why Microsoft SharePoint faces a challenging future

Many enterprises use and like SharePoint. Microsoft likes it, too, because it's one of the company's fastest-growing product lines. But making enterprises support separate cloud and on-premises versions and telling SharePoint app...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday aims at IE (again) and SharePoint

For sheer volume of bulletins – 14 - Microsoft's Patch Tuesday this month will prove onerous, with one critically important set of patches aimed to fix flaws in all versions of the Internet Explorer browser that can result in remote...

Microsoft adds a wing, more closets to the homes of SharePoint Online tenants

To prevent SharePoint Online customers from feeling boxed in, Microsoft wants to improve the way they upload and store documents in the platform, Office 365's cloud collaboration server.

How to make SharePoint 2013 more mobile

Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 offers improved mobile features, however, enterprises need stronger capabilities and may need to turn to third-party applications to make SharePoint fill those growing mobile needs.

HP aims to shrink big data

Hewlett-Packard wants to help organizations get rid of their useless data, all the information that is no longer needed yet still takes up expensive space on storage servers.

Smacking SharePoint into shape

More than half of all SharePoint shops have had to add functionality to the core software, which came as a surprise to a number of them. Here's what they're doing.

Citrix links cloud-based storage to SharePoint and Azure

Citrix Systems is making its cloud-based storage service ShareFile more Microsoft-friendly with SharePoint integration and the ability to store data on Azure.

Microsoft to patch IE10 Pwn2Own bugs next week, says security expert

Microsoft will ship nine security updates next week, two rated "critical," to patch Internet Explorer, Windows, SharePoint Server, Office Web Apps and the company's anti-malware software in Windows 8 and RT.

How to overcome SharePoint performance headaches

Microsoft SharePoint is increasingly becoming a victim of its own success: As more departments start to use it, bottlenecks occur and performance suffers. To combat this, some companies are rolling out third-party storage systems that...

SharePoint-Yammer integration promising, but a long-term plan

CIOs and IT managers tracking the progress of the SharePoint-Yammer integration got more details about the road map this week, but the updates were a sobering reminder of the long road ahead as Microsoft works to mesh the two products....

Microsoft to let Office 365 users replace SharePoint's newsfeed with Yammer's

Microsoft offered more details on Tuesday about its plans to integrate SharePoint and Yammer, saying it'll give Office 365 customers the option of replacing SharePoint Online's activity-stream component with Yammer's.

Sega chooses Huddle to replace Sharepoint collaboration tools

Sega has replaced its Sharepoint system with Huddle’s cloud collaboration software, supporting the development of games such as its iconic Sonic the Hedgehog series.

University ditching Sharepoint for UNIT4 to publish open, linked data

The University of Southampton is planning on ditching its Sharepoint installation to publish equipment and asset data, after developing an interface with UNIT4 that connects to its Agresso ERP platform and publishes data into an...

SharePoint 2013 challenges and questions for IT

SharePoint 2013 arrives with a new user interface and new collaboration, search, storage and task management features. But gaps remain in areas like social and mobile, and upgrading and governing SharePoint is still rife with...

NewsGator plans to uncouple its enterprise social suite from SharePoint

NewsGator is re-architecting its Social Sites enterprise social networking (ESN) suite so that it can be installed independently of Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration server.

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