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New Gigabit Wi-Fi access points target SMBs

Cisco, D-Link, Edimax deliver impressive speeds, solid management tools.

031615 wi fi 1

Review: Gigabit Wi-Fi access points for SMBs

This time around, we’re testing three new entrants to Gigabit Wi-Fi access point market. Cisco, D-Link, Edimax deliver impressive speeds, solid management tools.


The key to consulting happiness: become Batman

Whether you own or work at a development firm / agency, the primary factor in determining your happiness is going to be learning when and when not to care.

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Lack of security in small companies means big risk for the enterprise

Last year, we saw hackers successfully breach corporate giants like Target through unsecured POS system and HVAC vendors. How ELSE do small, third-party vendors and service providers present themselves as vulnerabilities for big...

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How to deploy small-business Wi-Fi with Xclaim access points

Created by established Wi-Fi vendor Ruckus Wireless, the new Wi-Fi access points from Xclaim are deployed entirely from a smartphone app.

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Why criminals pick on small business

Small to midsized enterprises may not have a lot to offer cyber criminals individually. But collectively, they're a very big, very lucrative target, for one major reason: Their security tends to be lousy.

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CheckPoint, Watchguard earn top spots in UTM shootout

UTM appliances for SMB security are getting smaller, more powerful and more feature rich.

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I'm done agreeing to NDAs before hearing ideas

Here’s how I can tell you don’t know what you’re doing before I hear your idea: Ask me to sign an NDA.

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Want to work at a fun tech company? Practice your social skills.

Being the smartest candidate doesn't always land you a job when a company values its culture.

SMBs get their very own Salesforce app store

A data integation feature will allow users to add customer information stored in the apps to their portal.


Getting started with power-line networking

Power-line networking makes use of your electrical lines to give you a de facto wired network. It gives you the range of a wired network without any of the mess or the need to run cable behind the walls.

SAP talks up Hana but small companies slow to sign on

Small companies have some internal work to do before adopting the in-memory computing platform.

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Supercharge your PC's storage with a RAID setup: Everything you need to know

Configuring multiple drives in RAID can protect against disaster and provide face-meltingly fast transfer speeds.

Sophos CEO: We're betting entirely on the cloud

Sophos is betting entirely on the cloud in a bid to make it easier for understaffed IT departments to manage cyberattacks.

Google launches fiber Internet for Kansas City’s small businesses

Initial Google Fiber for small business launch is limited to small areas, no indication that it’s coming to Provo or Austin.

HP's BYOD service protects mobile devices and PCs

HP Touchpoint Manager is for SMBs, with plans starting at $2 per month

Cisco patches serious vulnerabilities in small business RV Series routers

The flaws allow attackers to execute commands, overwrite files and launch CSRF attacks.


3 tips to keep your software clean and maintainable

Things move fast in software development today, especially if you're with a company that has any amount agility. While speedy results are important, you should take the extra time necessary to start off on good footing and maintain...

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