Software Defined Networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) news, solutions, and analysis for IT professionals

Open source startup targeting DevOps-defined networking

A software startup debuted this week proposing software-defined networking to Docker, the open source software for creating Linux application virtualization containers.

VMware's Casado talks about evolving SDN use cases, including a prominent role for security

The company's Networking and Security Business Unit is taking off, reaching $100m in just nine months.

Brocade unveils OpenDaylight SDN controller

Open source SDN controller is commercial distribution of OpenDaylight Project code.

OpenDaylight Executive Director spells out where this open source SDN efforts stands

OpenDaylight is a Linux Foundation Collaborative project that is building an Open Source SDN controller. Neela Jacques, who joined the OpenDaylight project last November as Executive Director, catches us up on how the effort is going....

SDN market could hit $18B by 2018

The enterprise and data center SDN market grew 192% in 2013 and is poised to reach $18 billion by 2018, according to Infonetics Research.

Incremental SDN: Automating network device configuration

Automation is a logical next step in the SDN migration journey.

Understanding SDN vendor ecosystems

Here's how network vendors are building relationships across the industry around their SDN platforms.

SDN and network virtualization: A reality check

The Software Defined Networking movement is still evolving, but profiles of SDN users are becoming more clear and we're getting a bead on some of the common evaluation criteria companies are using to gauge how to go forward.

SDN vital to IoT

Two major emerging network trends, Software-defined networking (SDN) and Internet of Things (IoT), are destined to intersect, with one perhaps dependent on the other.

Can SDN usher in better IT security?

That software-defined networking (SDN) is a coming reality is starting to gain traction in IT security circles, with some vendors arguing it could lead to a level of interoperability in security largely missing at present.

Start-up fights ambush attacks on SDN, virtual machine networks

GuardiCore developing "honeypot" approach to detecting and blocking stealthy attacks.

F5 CTO: We're working hard on the transition to software

F5 Networks is a veteran player in the network management market, having sold its load balancing hardware - or application delivery controllers, as it prefers to call them - to large numbers of data center customers.

OpenFlow supports IPv6 flows

Software Defined Networking systems are gaining IPv6 capabilities.

Cisco describes its SDN vision: A Q&A with Soni Jiandani

Jiandani is Senior Vice President of Cisco's Insieme business unit, the group pushing the company's Software Defined Networking vision.

Big Switch aims to control the cloud with SDN product

Big Switch Networks this week is unveiling an SDN controller designed to bring Google-like hyperscale networking to enterprises.

Open user group specs out SDN expectations

ONUG also forms use case working groups for WANs, overlays and services virtualization.

SDN start-up reaches for its "Wedge"

Pluribus Networks lets Arrow spearhead server/switch hardware sales while it focuses on network hypervisor software.

SDN start-up unwraps secure OpenStack product, lands customer

PLUMgrid brings cloud networking to OpenStack, lands another $16M in funding and wins over Swisscom.

Why Facebook's SDN switch won't affect Cisco's customers

Facebook's new homegrown SDN switch, known by the codename "Wedge," is supposed to be the next big threat to traditional networking vendors.

SDN system controls hundreds of Cisco routers; saves contractor time, money

A global environmental engineering company is turning to software-defined networking as a way to boost productivity and save money.

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