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SanDisk pushes MicroSD to 200GB

The card can hold around 20 hours of high-def video

Seagate, Micron agree to storage alliance

Seagate has forged a strategic alliance with Micron Technologies, one of the biggest memory manufacturers, signing a multi-year agreement guarantees Seagate access to Micron NAND for making flash drives and promises strategic...

Kaspersky NSA spyware

There's no way of knowing if the NSA's spyware is on your hard drive

Russian security software maker Kaspersky Lab published a report all but accusing the NSA of hiding spyware on hard drives made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers. And there’s no way to know if it’s on...

IBM puts software and cloud at the center of storage

The IBM Spectrum Storage strategy embraces multiple vendors and clouds


Office integrates more cloud storage services, starting with iCloud and Box

Microsoft opens Office to any cloud storage service that wants in, though the execution's half-baked.

Vint Cerf worries about a 'digital dark age,' and your data could be at risk

Efforts are starting to emerge to combat the 'bit rot' threatening today's digital records.

Box gets customer-managed key encryption

Box now allows customers to manage their own keys for data encrypted in the cloud.

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Box adds enterprise key management to overcome last hurdle to the cloud

Box today unveiled the beta of Box Enterprise Key Management, a new security model that lets users securely stash encryption keys in the cloud.

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With version 8, ownCloud becomes a viable Google Drive replacement

Easier sharing, improved search, and support for third party apps make ownCloud a cloud storage contender.

Dell, EMC, VMware and others get giddy over converged infrastructure

What started as a small niche market has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar business with many of technology’s biggest players involved.

Toshiba's Encrypted flash drive

Back to the future: Toshiba touts a USB flash drive with keypad passkey

Toshiba has released a line of USB sticks that contains a 10-digit keyboard to control access to data stored on the device through a PIN. But the new flash drive looks a lot like those produced by other companies as far back as seven...

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Tintri VMstore review: Fast as flash, cheap as disk

Tintri's hybrid array delivers superfast storage and supersimple storage management for virtual machines.

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Backblaze releases raw data on all 41,000 HDDs in its data center

Online backup provider Backblaze today released raw performance data collected over three years on drives in its data center, allowing the public to pore over failure rates from various vendors models.

EMC's all-in-one compute appliance comes with an app store

Users will be able to download third-party tools to the converged appliance for midsized enterprises

addonics HDD

Addonics releases external drive with Blu-Ray player, DVD burner

Addonics' new external hard drive connects to any Mac OS X or Windows computer and adds a 3.5-in HDD and either a Blu-ray player and DVD burner.

Quantum bringing public cloud into virtual storage fold

Its cloud services will extend the Quantum data management system to Amazon's cloud

As Box's IPO looms, so do its challenges

Friday could bring a 'wild trading day' as the cloud storage company finally reaches its long-awaited milestone.

Box CEO Aaron Levie's top 10 snarkiest Tweets

CEO of IPO-bound Box is not afraid to stir the pot on Twitter.

Google superchages cloud storage for databases with Local SSD

The company wants to offer a cheaper alternative to RAM with its new solid state offering

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