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13 firms join to open up Ethernet, object-storage to everyone

The Linux Foundation has announced a collaborative of 13 industry-leading companies in support of open source object storage on next generation, Ethernet-enabled storage devices.


Researchers can store data in DNA; the hard part is retrieving it

Researchers have discovered a method for storing information in DNA that can last for at least 2,000 years and which takes up a fraction of the space required by hard drives and other electronic media.

SanDisk Ultra II SSD

Sandisk's 'concierge service' walks noobs through an SSD upgrade

Sandisk's new service helps those nervous about upgrades take the SSD plunge

3D XPoint wafer

Intel's high-speed 3D XPoint technology hitting SSDs next year

Intel has said the first solid-state drives to use its new 3D Xpoint memory technology will ship next year, under a new brand called Intel Optane.

Memory issue disrupts FAA air traffic control system

A memory issue in the traffic management system of the Federal Aviation Administration resulted in the disruption of flights on the U.S. East Coast on Saturday, according to the agency.

A few more signs your hard drive is about to die

You've probably read the article "9 signs your computer's hard drive is about to die" and if you haven't, you should. Hard drives telegraph their demise, sometimes well in advance. Usually you don't realize it until after the...


Samsung unveils 15TB SSD based on densest flash memory

Samsung has taken the wraps off an enterprise-class SAS SSD that stores 15.36TB in a 2.5-in. laptop drive form factor.

Servers in CERN's Geneva data center

CERN's data stores soar to 530M gigabytes

CERN's data requirements are growing at massive rates: Every experiment with its Large Hadron Collider creates 3GB of data per second. So the agency is relying on its public-private partnerships to develop new storage, networking and...


Samsung takes “world’s largest storage drive” crown with 16TB SSD

Speed or storage capacity? That question may prove irrelevant as solid state storage leapfrogs the hard disk drive.

hard drive data recover

9 signs your computer's hard drive is about to die

Losing data can be a real disaster, but thankfully hard drives often show warning signs before they die. If you observe any of these nine signs of impending failure, back up your drive immediately and prepare for the worst.

ITworld Cram Session

Free download: A get-up-to-speed guide on hyper-converged infrastructure

A quickly evolving market with newcomers and some old-timers too.

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Today's NAND flash has hit a development dead-end

Traditional planar NAND flash used in today's thumb drives, SSDs and expansion cards has long been approaching a wall in terms of how far engineers can shrink it to boost density and capacity. Leading manufacturers now say that wall...

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Because storage needs to get smarter, Tintri raises $125M

The days of storage being all about brawn not brains are coming to a close. Storage needs to get smarter, and Tintri is showing how.

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SanDisk, Toshiba double down, announce the world's highest capacity 3D NAND flash chips

SanDisk and Toshiba today announced the fruits of their collaboration on a new fabrication plant: a 48-layer 3D NAND flash chip that doubles the capacity of previous chips.

sandisk connect wireless stick

3 reasons you need SanDisk's Connect Wireless Stick

Don't have enough storage space on your smartphone? Need to share lots of files with other people in a meeting? SanDisk's new wireless USB 128GB flash drive may be worth its $100 price tag.

dell chromebook 11 lid march 2014

How to integrate Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage on your Chromebook

The Chrome file system now functions more like a PC with access to your favorite cloud services. Here's how to add the ones you want.

Cisco kills Invicta storage product line

Pulls plug on troubled appliances that came from $415M WHIPTAIL buy.

Google lures businesses to Nearline with 100 PB of free cloud storage

An accompanying TCO calculator aims directly at AWS users

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