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New IBM service shines a light on mobile device and app performance

The company is also unveiling cloud-based virtual desktops for mobile devices.


Data matrix networking connections system

SDN in action: Hands-on with Cumulus Linux

Imagine being able to manage scores of network switches as easily as scores of servers; Cumulus Linux makes it happen.

Wozniak still aims to simplify: Now, all of enterprise storage

Woz has joined former Fusion-io colleagues at Primary Data, a startup virtualizing data.

extreme x670 g2x

Extreme extends SDN products, partners

Extreme Networks this week announced new products and technology partners for its Software Defined Architecture data center product line.

reinvent primary

AWS re:Invent: 10 cool new Amazon cloud features

AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ annual cloud computing conference, was packed with revelations of new features for the company’s market-leading cloud service.

Amazon launches Lambda, an event-driven compute service

Lambda replaces the need to run a separate virtual machine to coordinate multiple AWS services.

Amazon embraces Docker with new customer tool

EC2 Container Service can be used to manage thousands of Docker containers.

Alcatel-Lucent virtualizes WANs and routers

Alcatel-Lucent’s Nuage Networks SDN venture broadens product line to tackle enterprise WANs, an increasingly vital market for the technology.

HP and Nokia join forces to build cloud-based networks for operators

The platform will become available in the middle of next year.

screenshot rh62 virtual machine 1

Running a virtual machine over iSCSI SAN? Check your swappiness.

Putting your virtual machines on a SAN is a great way to make your VMs even more flexible, portable, and expandable. If you run into I/O errors, adjusting these settings may help.

Docker spawns additional virtualization technologies

Joyent's Mantra aims for big-data jobs, while Canonical's LXD adds in an additional security measure.

Juniper virtualizes MX router to help companies more rapidly turn-up services

Juniper Networks this week introduced a virtualized version of its MX Series 3D edge router to fulfill carrier requirements for Network Functions Virtualization.

Google updates cloud with new virtual technologies and price cuts

Google has embraced the Docker container technology and expanded the Firebase mobile development platform.

AT&T, others launch OpenDaylight SDN alternative

ON.Lab making its own open source SDN operating system available.

core os

CoreOS: A lean, mean virtualization machine

No-frills Linux distro offers rapid deployment of VM instances.

SDN company goes open source

Japanese SDN company Midokura giving away its keystone product.

Samsung acquires flash caching software developer Proximal

Proximal's AutoCache product aims to remove I/O bottlenecks in virtualized server environments.

10 open source tools to make Docker even more powerful

10 open source tools to make Docker even more powerful

Better management, Web front ends, improved visibility into container apps -- the Docker ecosystem is evolving quickly, thanks to its vibrant open source community.

Internet2 slices network

SDN, virtualization and 100G allow multi tenant partitioning.

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