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Universal Studios Neon

Universal apps is the future of Windows development

Microsoft's new app development model is at the heart of Windows 10. What is it, and more importantly, what do developers think of it?

Cartoon about a blind date using two-factor authentication

ITworld cartoons 2014: The year in geek humor (so far)

Each week, ITworld's Phil Johnson pokes fun at the tech world's top news and newsmakers

Microsoft's 'big opportunity' to goose device share stalls before it gets started

Gartner's revised forecast has Windows at 14% in '14, same as last year, with only a small increase for '15.

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Microsoft dabbles in per-user Windows licensing

But it's still a long way from licensing Windows as a subscription, say experts.

Hackers exploit two more Windows zero-day bugs

Microsoft will patch a pair of zero-day Windows vulnerabilities later today that attackers have been exploiting to penetrate major corporations' networks, researchers at FireEye said Tuesday.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday tackles three critical vulnerabilities

The Sandworm vulnerability gets a fix with this month's round of corrective fixes for Microsoft software.

The Onion’s 9 best bits about Microsoft

Poking fun at the software giant and founder Bill Gates since 1996.

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Windows 10 Preview stats: Two-thirds of testers live dangerously

Who needs a safety net? A big majority of Windows 10 Technical Preview testers scoff at the safety provided by virtual machines. Here's how to take the proper precautions before dumping the Preview on your hard drive.

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Windows 10 in pictures: See the Technical Preview's new features

Windows 10's changes are as big as the Start menu and as nitty-gritty as the command prompt, with lots of interesting stuff in between. Let's dig in.

Russian hackers exploit Windows zero-day flaw to target Ukraine, US organizations

The vulnerability allows for arbitrary code execution and affects many versions of Windows and Windows Server

Microsoft hesitates to trumpet Windows 10; fears consumers will delay PC purchases

Microsoft has focused on how businesses will benefit from its next operating system, Windows 10, not only because corporate customers are its bread and butter, but to prevent consumers from balking at buying new PCs, an analyst said...

5 top tips for Windows 10

Got Windows 10 installed and want to get more out of it? I've got five great tips for you.

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How to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a Mac

Get Microsoft's beta operating system on a virtual drive or right on your hard drive.

Free at last: After Windows 10, consumers won't pay for updates or upgrades

Microsoft will have no choice but to give consumers free Windows upgrades once it launches Windows 10 and kicks off its fast-fast-fast tempo, an analyst asserted.

Windows 10 Technical Preview deep-dive: A promise of better things to come

Microsoft's Windows 10 Technical Preview offers a first glimpse of the future of its operating system. Our reviewer takes a close look and thinks the upcoming OS could work.

Patch Tuesday: Windows, Internet Explorer need critical patches

Microsoft browser needs the most urgent patching on an otherwise light Patch Tuesday.

Why Windows 10 isn't the big leap forward Microsoft says it is

Is what's in the Windows 10 technical preview build right now, and the promises of what it will contain in the future, enough to justify skipping Windows 9? Let's dig in.

Advice from an Apple tech: How to recover a mangled Windows drive with OS X

You can learn a lot from your mistakes--especially when they're big ones involving accidental damage to a family member's computer.

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