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Windows 10 can tap Cortana for help with data analysis

The new OS will also feature multiple desktops and enhanced security features

Start Menu: Windows 10 Build 10074

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood

Microsoft fleshes out 'Windows as a service' revenue strategy

Microsoft executives last week talked up their strategy to shift money-making from the traditional practice of licensing Windows to pulling in revenue from search, games and apps.

microsoft build conference

Build 2015: Windows 10, holographic robots, and all the hot news from Microsoft's big event

Office is getting smarter, and so is your phone. Read about all of Microsoft's ambitious plans from Build 2015 inside.


The 3 most compelling reveals from Microsoft's Build 2015 keynote

We saw universal apps and got a peek at the new Edge browser, but Microsoft's hologram technology stole the show.

business people running on an endless loop of gears

Windows 10 updates force enterprises to shift eval tactics

With the advent of Windows 10, enterprises will have to rethink the way they evaluate Microsoft operating systems, because the company has a new approach to development that involves ongoing upgrades.

Microsoft helps developers gear Windows 10 for the post-PC era

Microsoft now offers tools to easily port Andorid and iOS applications to Windows phones and computers


Visual Studio Code comes to Windows, Mac, and Linux

As part of the Microsoft cross-platform assault, a new editor called Visual Studio code has been released with support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux


Build 2015: Windows 10 in 3 minutes

Microsoft wants Windows 10 on one billion devices in three years. Android and iOS developers will now be able to bring their apps and games to Windows 10.

windows 10 store beta

Free Windows 10 is NOT an upgrade … it's marketing

Windows 10 is not a free upgrade. It's a "marketing and promotional activity," as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Use iOS ringtones on Windows Phone 8

How to convert iOS ringtones to use on Windows Phone 8/10

How to convert and use ringtones created in iTunes for the iPhone on Windows Phone devices.

Second HTTPS snooping flaw breaks security for thousands of iOS apps

Hackers can exploit the vulnerability to launch man-in-the-middle attacks and decrypt traffic from the affected apps

Microsoft Windows 10

Where Windows 10 stands right now

Windows 10 betas are coming fast and furious. Discover what Microsoft has released so far.

A year later, Microsoft's Nokia deal isn't a clear winner

The company has to sell more phones, and attract more big hardware partners and developers

Windows 10 sign WIDE version

Latest Windows 10 update demonstrates overhauled dev scheme

Microsoft released its seventh version of Windows 10's technical preview, following its pledge to deliver faster preview updates for the new operating system.

Wi-Fi client vulnerability could expose Android, Linux, BSD, other systems to attacks

A flaw in the widely used wpa_supplicant wireless client can lead remote code execution

Intel Compute Stick

Review: The Intel Compute Stick -- the ultimate mobile PC

Stick PCs can turn any display into a fully operational computer. Intel's new Compute Stick does with Windows 8.1 for only $150.

Google puts integration at the center of Chrome for Work

Chrome OS devices play nicely with other enterprise technologies, the company says

win 10 large start

Windows 10 to launch in July.... Seriously?

AMD's CEO last week said that Microsoft would launch Windows 10 at the end of July. That timeline would be audacious for the company to meet.

Poor WordPress documentation trips developers, yields plug-ins with XSS flaw

Website administrators should check if they have any affected plug-ins and update them in order to avoid attacks

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