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10 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - intro title

10 keyboard shortcuts to use Windows 10 like a pro

Windows 10 offers a bunch of slick new features designed to appeal to PC power users, but it also includes killer keyboard shortcuts that all serious users should know.

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10 key moments in the history of Apple and Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft recently renewed their alliance with the goal of tackling the enterprise market, but the latest partnership is just the most recent turning point in the two companies' intertwined histories. Here are the defining...

Lumia 950 XL

Can Microsoft's new phones save its mobile ambitions?

Microsoft wants its new phones to drive interest in Windows 10 Mobile. Will that work?

windows 10 on devices

Microsoft reveals impressive Surface Book, HoloLens and Lumia flagships

Microsoft unveiled some new Windows 10 products: Xbox, HoloLens, Surface, Lumia phones, and a new laptop.


As Microsoft focuses on mobile, Windows 10 will be key

Windows 10 -- and the fate of Microsoft's smartphones -- will be front and center at the company's Tuesday event.

Windows 10 Start menu fig01

Windows 10: Adapt or die

Windows 10's faster update and upgrade tempo requires enterprises to discard habits acquired over decades, a painful change that can be managed.

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Microsoft's browser upgrade decree proves disastrous for IE

Market share is slipping. And projections by Computerworld, based on the the rate of decline in the up-for-retirement IE editions, now point to between 39% and 41% of those running a Microsoft browser in January being severed from...

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Best free app for hacking Windows 10's Start menu -- and giving one to Windows 8

Don't like the way Windows 10's Start menu looks and works? I've got help -- a great free app that lets you change it, and does more as well, including giving one to Windows 8.

mac os x el capitan windows 10 primary

12 'El Capitan' features that Apple totally ripped off from Windows

We've reinvented Macworld's slideshow on the top features of Apple's OS X 'El Capitan' and pointed out their obvious original inspiration.

Supercharge your Windows 10 start menu

Crank it to 11! Start menu tricks for Windows 10

The latest Start menu has few of Win7-era customizations -- but many new tricks worth knowing


How to install and use rdesktop -- the remote desktop client for Linux

Control remote Windows 10 desktops through RDP connections using rdesktop in Linux .

chromebook pixel c

Is Google's Chromebook Pixel C just a Microsoft Surface knockoff?

Google may play up its just-announced Chromebook Pixel C as something new, but it has plenty of similarities to the Microsoft Surface 3. Is it more than just a Surface knockoff?

windows 10 laptop

Review: The best 13-inch laptops for Windows 10

Laptops and convertibles from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft square off in our performance, workability, and battery tests.

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Microsoft reshuffles into 3 businesses for financial reporting

Microsoft changed how it will report its financial performance, reducing the number of operating divisions to three, in an effort to align with CEO Satya Nadella's emphasis on the cloud and productivity platforms, and opportunities to...

windows 10 quirky features 1

6 quirky features of Windows 10

Issues with new featuresBy most measures, Windows 10 is a huge improvement over Windows 8 and 8.1, and it’s a very worthwhile upgrade from Windows 7. But, of course, no new OS is perfect upon launch. Here are 6 issues with some of...

A Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

Microsoft will let business users opt out of Windows 10 tracking

Privacy concerns have swirled around Windows 10 since its launch at the end of July. Microsoft responded Monday.

Windows 10 Mobile running on a Lumia 940XL.

The future of Windows phones includes unlocking with facial recognition

Microsoft released a set of guidelines Friday detailing what it expects from different tiers of Windows 10 phones and tablets, offering a glimpse at what the company's hardware plans may look like.

Baidu Windows 10

Baidu, Microsoft working on way to upgrade millions of China's XP PCs to Windows 10

China's Baidu search engine is working with Microsoft on a way to upgrade the country's massive number of aged Windows XP PCs to Windows 10.

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