Channel business during recession

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There are certain things that are hard to sell during a recession. RVs, for example. The Midwest RV show was in town, and not surprisingly, nobody's buying the house-on-wheels these days.

Okay, I hear you, we're not in a recession. Only a "mental recession", right? Things are better than they've ever been? You work for Exxon?

Okay, so besides oil, what is making money these days? It would seem that members of the channel aren't feeling the pinch as much as the rest of the country. Solution providers focused on the SMB market in particular are still going strong.

The IT business may well be one of those recession-proof industries, and there's some anecdotal evidence to suggest that it runs contrary to the down economy. That is, when times start to get hard, VARs and integrators that offer solutions that help small and midsize businesses become more efficient, save money, and improve the bottom line, are going to do well.

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