Paragon Software's new VAR portal


Data security and management company Paragon Software this week launched a new VAR portal, moving its sales channel into the new era of Web 2.0. The trend is noteworthy and several other vendors have done the same before Paragon, with great success. According to the Paragon press release, the portal is meant to provide its VARs with better access to tools, as well as new opportunities for revenue. The company has a 100 percent channel-centric sales model.

VAR portals are increasingly popular and a great idea for companies that want to forge a tighter connection with their sales channels. Paragon's portal in particular provides a central repository for sales collateral, as well as a place for partners to obtain training materials. It also includes a deal registration site. Portals like this are useful to the partners, but they also make good sense for the provider as well--it's an inexpensive way to be a channel-booster. The VAR portal is the wave of the future--look for more vendors to implement them in the coming year.

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