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Christian Anschuetz

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Christian Anschuetz has emerged as a true visionary “leader of leaders” with the proven ability to build unified, innovative, change-ready organizations that thrive in a global marketplace. Throughout a 20-year career, he has enjoyed success creating and delivering integrated, scalable technology solutions that enable fast-growth expansion, new economies of scale, record revenue and profit levels, dramatic business efficiencies, and lasting improvements in market competitiveness, service delivery, and customer satisfaction.

His current role as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Underwriters Laboratories underscores Mr. Anschuetz’s extraordinary talent as a change agent and contemporary leader. He has reenergized this 116-year-old, change-resistant global enterprise with a new vision for the future that includes enterprise-scale modernization, technology innovations, and 3-fold revenue growth. He has built IT into the cornerstone for this massive transformation initiative, gained buy-in from diverse stakeholders, developed and deployed multiple industry-recognized “best of” solutions, and mobilized teams to execute business-enabling best-practices, systems, processes, and frameworks. The impact has been outstanding across a broad range of performance metrics.

Mr. Anschuetz’s prior role as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the Americas region of Publicis Groupe sums up his value as a senior executive in many ways. He proved his ability to handle high levels of executive accountability with management scope that included $120 million annual budget, 400 staff, and technology support for 58% of the company’s $6.3 billion annual revenues, ~19,000 associates, and 45+ distinct business entities. His stand-out achievement is representative of his career-long impact as well. Mr. Anschuetz successfully transformed the entire IT organization from an under-performing, under-valued asset into a credible, trusted provider of business-enabling technology solutions. A key part of this was a challenging change initiative to gain enterprise-scale buy-in, build, and on-board numerous disparate brands into one shared services center.

Mr. Anschuetz’s entire career is underscored by prestigious industry recognition. He is a featured thought leader and quoted authority in multiple top industry publications on such topics as governance, shared services, and operations, and participates in numerous industry-leading summits and conferences. He has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, B.A. in Economics, is a graduate of the Gartner CIO Academy and brings to the table 7 years of executive discipline and leadership success as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Mr. Anschuetz is a member of the CIO Executive Council.

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