Amazon cloud outage: The situation is catastrophic but not serious

By Ahmar Abbas, ITworld |  Cloud Computing, Amazon, Amazon EC2

Netflix, a large AWS user has institutionalized this in their deployment model. In fact they frequently let loose their Chaos Monkey that constantly forces random failures of even stable AWS instances to ensure recovery. Unlike Foursquare, Quora and Hootsuite, Netflix did not report any failures during the current AWS east region outage. a prominent federal government website running on AWS, also recovered quickly and gracefully in another AWS region.

So while the failures have been catastrophic, perhaps embarrassing and will hopefully prompt a review of application deployment and recovery strategies, they are not serious enough to change the dynamics of cloud adoption in short or long term. The benefits of on-demand cloud infrastructure -- such as rapid cycle time, lower capital costs and utility pricing models -- remain strong cloud drivers today, just as they were last week.

Ahmar Abbas is SVP of Cloud Services at San Jose, CA based CSS Corp. CSS Corp is an AWS Solution Provider - so not an entirely disinterested party. Ahmar thanks uber enterprise architect Omar Malick's Facebook status and author Orrin Merton's blog post for inspiring the title of this article.

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