Hype confuses cloud customers who actually know more about it than they think

Data-center services aren't radically different in the "cloud" than anywhere else


When you hire a cloud provider, don't forget to ask all the hard questions you normally do just because you're talking to a "cloud provider" rather than a hosting service or co-lo vendor.

It's new, it's convenient, it's cost-effective, it's dynamic and changeable and easy to buy and could be a great thing for your company if you use it right. It's not a miracle and it's not a disaster, either.

It's technology, just like every other thing you build or use every day. Ask the right questions, write the right contract, don't forget you need failsafes and backups in case the cloud crashes just like you would anything else, and you'll (mostly) get the services you need at a (probably) decent price.

Just don't assume you're more confused than you really are, and don't let anyone blow smoke just because they're selling cloud.

You could see through all that if you looked directly at it instead of getting distracted by all the fluff.

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