IaaS is smart choice for ConnectEDU

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With one peak period behind him since ConnectEDU's move to NaviSite's managed IaaS, Blaisdell has proof the decision paid off. "The beauty of the cloud environment is that you can scale up on front-end application servers, load balance them and quickly clone the ones you have so you can multiply that infrastructure 10 times in a matter of hours, and that's one of the things we did," he says.

Now the only physical servers at ConnectEDU itself are two domain controllers. All of its other needs are handling in the cloud, via IaaS or SaaS.

"I'm drinking the cloud Kool-Aid," he says, "maybe more so than most people right now."

But it's not just a sugar high Blaisdell is experiencing. The numbers give him a nice feeling, too.

By embracing the use of public cloud services, ConnectEDU saved more than $1.6 million in infrastructure development costs in 2010, Blaisdell says. With infrastructure requirements tied directly to sales, he adds, that's the kind of figure ConnectEDU hopes to equal or better annually.

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