iCloud! iOS! iOhMy! Liveblogging Apple's WWDC 2011

Will there still be big news to be had?


1:19: Now Phil's talking up the Mac App Store. Selling more software than WalMart! He talks about everyone who's made millions off the store, discreetly glossing over the fact that Apple has made 30 percent of those millions.

1:16: It all looks very flashy and exciting (I'm sure I'm not the first to compare it to Minority Report) but I wonder if it isn't a little too much info-overload when all you want to do is switch apps. Not that the app-switching paradigm doesn't need to be shaken up, but it just seems like there's so much craziness, with the windows floating over an outerspace background and whatnot. But I'm old and stodgy! And it's not like I turn off the genie effect when I minimize windows on my Mac or anything...

1:13: Next up is Mission Control, which seems to be the unholy spawn of Spaces and Exposé. Your windows from related apps all kind of float together on screen, and you can grab them and swipe them around. Looks not unlike app switching under BlackBerry's new Tablet OS!

1:11: These gestures dovetail nicely with the new easy-to-implement fullscreenable apps. This is definitely a merging of the tablet and computer experience -- I am a bit dubious on how natural it will feel.

1:09 Phil will rattle off some of the 250 new Lion features. First up: Multitouch! Your trackpad (and he noted that 70+ percent of new Macs shipped are notebooks) will let you interact with the OS the way you can on the iPad. Pinch to zoom, swiping, etc. No scrollbars unless you're scrolling! You don't need to see them! You're swiping!

1:05: Phil Schiller takes the stage, says OS X Lion is all about the Mac, and the Mac is doing "incredibly well." Over the last year, the PC market has shrunk 1 percent, while Mac sales have gone up 28 percent.

1:04: Steve says he'll be talking about "OS X Lion, iOS 5, and some kind of interesting new cloud stuff."

1:02: Steve Jobs, still technically on medical leave, takes the stage. Huge standing ovation.

1:00: Annnnd Ars Techinca's servers buckle under the strain.

12:47: Jacqui Cheng at Ars notes that "The media folks did indeed trample and push people over, just like usual." Ha ha, I am not sorry to be metablogging this from Starbucks!

12:46: For what it's worth, there are still banners over at Moscone Center that are shrouded, indicating that this thing has some secrets left in it.

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